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Since 1986


We take pride in making a discernible difference in the property management field—specifically, homeowner association management for condos, townhomes, common interest communities and cooperatives. Our background and our forward thinking approach uniquely qualify us to serve our association clients. We do the invisible tasks as well as the immense undertakings that make your life more efficient, more effective and simply easier.

We are offering a free consultation with your board to learn the challenges your Association is facing and help you work towards a resolution.

The Gassen Difference

When you work with Gassen you are entering into a maintenance-free lifestyle. We have decades of experience managing HOA financials, and our innovative online portal makes it easy to check on payments, plan for long-term capital improvements, and fund the landscaping and maintenance that keeps your community looking great.

Homeowners Association Management

At Gassen, we’ve been caring and working hard for our clients for decades. We are organized, focused leaders in the homeowner association management industry. We believe in the importance of building trust between ourselves and the clients we serve.

Accounting Services

At Gassen, we not only provide you with clear and precise data, but we also help you make clear and precise decisions. To that end, we make a point of creating separate bank accounts, with Mutual of Omaha Bank, for each individual HOA property. This guarantees spot-on accountability, auditing and tax preparation. In addition, we can provide your homeowners with a variety of payment options. Your house is in order on every front.

Gassen Real Estate & Rental Company

We provide “A Better Reality in Realty” through our proven process and ensure every client receives excellent service. We RELATE with our clients by being Responsive, Educational, Loyal, Attentive, Transparent, and creating an Epic Experience! We take pride in delivering the highest level of client experience and satisfaction in every transaction and making a discernible difference in the real estate and rental management fields. Our background and forward-thinking approach uniquely qualify us to serve each of our clients’ needs. We do the invisible tasks as well as the immense undertakings that make your experience during the real estate transaction more efficient, more effective, and simply easier.

We Have the world's most articulate clients

Never before have we been in the hands of a management company that REALLY cares. I believe our property manager will get us on the right track and give us advice and guidance we can believe.

- Board Member

I have found my experience with this company great. The quick response and knowledgeable people, like our property manager and her supervisor, have been a pleasure to work with. This has been consistent over the years. Thank you!

- An Association Board Member

Our Property Manager is honest, active, proactive, enthusiastic and always constructive in her approach. I could not imagine living in a townhouse association that did not have a professional management company like Gassen.

- President, Autumn Ridge