Property Management Services | Gassen Companies - Minneapolis MN
Guaranteed 12 minute Emergency response time


We are in the business of lightening your load, fully dedicated to heading off your residential property management challenges and issues. We are here to serve you 24/7 with 110% effort (while mathematically impossible, we make it happen every day).


Access, communication and responsiveness are critical to our way of doing business. The “business” of property management rarely happens conveniently during “business” hours.

We are organized to expect the unexpected and to handle everything, even when the “handle” figuratively or literally breaks off.

We understand the dynamics of living in a community, whether that involves condos, townhomes, common interest, or other associations. We help resolve conflicts and, more importantly, find ways to head off potential conflicts. We realize that some emergencies involve damaged water pipes and others involve damaged feelings—both are worthy of immediate and expert repair.


Answering, Addressing and Anticipating. We take care of you. Our association-management services make your life easier.

►Maintenance & Construction

We know the ins and outs of your property, which makes us uniquely qualified to perform a wide range of construction and maintenance projects. Gassen is highly skilled as a general contractor on everything from decks and concrete to roofing, carpeting, storm damage and insurance restoration projects.

Let Us Bring Exceptional To Where You Live.