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Welcome to Gassen Announcements where you can keep up with our company's latest news and reminders. 

December 2023

CAI Vision Award Winners & Nominees

Each year the Community Associations Institute (known as CAI) awards and recognizes employees across the HOA property management industry. Many of our own employees at Gassen were nominated for various awards. The nominees recently attended the Gala and Vision Awards Event. Among them, two outstanding individuals, Melissa for Extraordinary Support Staff and Karen for Excellence in Service, were honored with Vision Awards! Congratulations to both!

We take immense pride in all our Gassen employee nominees and winners. Hats off to each one of you! Congratulations!


- Rookie of the Year, Amanda

- Intermediate Professional, DaNetta

- Advanced Professional, Kathy 

- Above & Beyond, Kenny

- Excellence in Service, Karen

- Management Company Support Staff, Brianna

- Management Company Support Staff, Melissa

Hover over the photos below to learn more about the nominees and winners. 

September 22, 2023

Fall Reminders & Tips for HOAs

  • Inspect and Clean Gutters: Clear gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs and water damage to buildings. This is especially important as fall brings more rain and leaves. If your HOA does not provide these services, owners should clean gutters and take are of fall landscaping tasks, including winterizing irrigation systems.

  • Winterizing Exterior Systems: If it is homeowner responsibility in your HOA to winterize exterior water spigots, shut off the water supply to the faucet, disconnect any hoses and turn on the spigot to drain any extra water from the line to prevent freezing.

  • Check Exterior Lighting: With shorter daylight hours, ensure that exterior lighting, including streetlights and common area fixtures, are working correctly. Replace any burnt-out bulbs promptly for safety. If it is homeowner responsibility to check exterior lighting, please ensure to thoroughly walk the property and common areas to check for burnt out lights.

  • Prepare for Seasonal Landscaping: Consider seasonal landscaping tasks, such as aerating lawns and fertilizing, to ensure healthy green spaces come spring.

  • Plan Community Events: Organize fall-themed events to encourage community bonding. Pumpkin carving contests, potluck dinners, or outdoor movie nights can foster a sense of community.

  • Holiday Decorations Guidelines: If your community allows holiday decorations, establish clear guidelines to maintain aesthetics and safety. Consider setting specific dates for decoration installation and removal.

July 7, 2023

Importance of HO-6 Policy

The associations governing documents set the requirements for the association master policy coverage which in turn determines the coverage that a homeowner must carry. In the event of a claim, the board reserves the right to assess each homeowner a portion of the master deductible. Without adequate loss assessment coverage on your HO-6 policy, you may be required to pay this assessment out of pocket. Please contact your personal agent to verify that your HO-6 policy includes this important coverage.

A HO-6 Policy adequately protects yourself from a special assessment due to wind or hail if the association were to file a claim. Proper coverage comes from your personal agent and without this coverage, you may be required to pay the assessment out of pocket. Most master policy insurance deductibles for wind and hail claims are based on apercentage of the building values which can result in special assessments for eachhomeowner in the thousands of dollars. It is critical for every HOA homeowner to beeducated on the importance of having the proper HO-6 policy

April 18, 2023

Spring Is Here! 

Here are some important reminders as a homeowner this spring season. Questions? Contact us today at 952-922-5575

  • Schedule your HVAC vendor to check your air system if it is your responsibility.

  • Get approval before making any improvements to your home. First determine if you need to get approval before you make any updates.

  • Pick up pet waste.

  • Be good neighbors. Since so many Minnesotans enjoy the warm weather be considerate of your neighbors.

  • Check for water spigot and plumbing leaks that may occur as temperatures rise.

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year 

Happy New Year from the team at Gassen! We hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday season. If you currently work with us, Gassen Company is grateful for your partnership and is hopeful that this year will be prosperous. We are committed to giving your community the best association property management service possible. Looking to join us in parnternship with your HOA? Contact us today at Gassen is excited to work with you today and in the future.

December 21, 2022

Feed My Starving Children

This past December, a group from Gassen volunteered at Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen. The Gassen group alone was able to pack 21 boxes! With a grand total of 81 boxes for the session. That is 17,496 meals for those in need! We are grateful for the volunteers (pictured to the right) that gave their time to this great organization to make a difference this holiday season.

Image shows various Gassen Company employees posing in a group in front of the Feed My Starving Children wall that shows the amount of boxes packed for starving children across the world.

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