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Welcome to property management and professional relationships done absolutely right.

On this page you will learn about Gassen's Mission, Values, History and more.

Our History


The Beginning of Gassen

In 1969, Reggie Gassen started in the residential management business. He began by purchasing and fixing up rental units. Soon after he started in 1969, he began managing larger apartment buildings in a 5-state area. 

Image shows Gassen Company founder, Reggie Gassen with his wife Catherine on a boat. They are dressed in professional attire and posing by the side of the boat on Lake Minnetonka.

Moving to Minnesota

In 1984, Reggie moved his business to Minnesota because of the opportunity a metro area provides. He soon grew his portfolio of apartment units to over 5,000 and continued to grow Gassen in the management industry.


Sole Focus

By 1986, Reggie's wife Catherine Gassen joined the business after being in the homeowner association management sector. They both saw the HOA management industry as a large opportunity for Gassen and decided, with their expertise and experience, to shed the apartments to focus solely on HOA management. They soon became an industry leader in Minnesota.

Local Growth

In 2003, Kirk Gassen joined the business and took the company from 7,000 units to over 12,000 in 5 short years. He bought the business in 2014 after reaching the total number of units under management to 18,000.


Awards and Recognition

Reggie was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from CAI.  Reggie and Catherine were trailblazers and innovators in the HOA management business since the very start. CEO Kirk and the entire Gassen Team take the Gassen reputation seriously every day in their first in class customer service. 

Image shows the Gassen family of two generations. Reggie (founder), Catherine (his wife) and his children. Kirk, pictured next to Catherine, is now the owner of Gassen Company. Image shows 3 other siblings as well, all posing around Reggie and Catherine.

Gassen Today

The Leadership Team, headed by Ben Lampron Chief Operating Officer (COO), is engaged in becoming the only HOA Management firm you should work with in Minnesota. Our management philosophy and dedication to being the best, not the biggest, sets us apart from the competition. Gassen Management strives to be your partner in HOA management.




Family Owned Since 1969

Gassen Management is a family-owned and operated property management business that began in 1969. Our founder, Reggie Gassen, started off by fixing up rental units, but soon transitioned to HOA management in Minnesota and the Twin Cities area in 1986 with his wife Catherine.


Since then, we have grown to become a leader in the property management industry, providing professional management services to a variety of properties. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and we bring a wealth of expertise to each project. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and to upholding the standards of excellence set by our founder.


Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the HOA community experience by proactively providing leadership and a complete portfolio of services.

Our Vision

Gassen's vision is to lead and redefine the HOA management industry one community at a time.

Our Values

We Care

We care, we treat everyone with respect, and exercise professional humility. We are all part of the same team, and when one succeeds or fails, the entire team succeeds or fails. No one member plays a more important role than another.

Solution Focused

We focus on bringing solutions to issues that arise, recognizing that our solution may not be the direction that is chosen. We take the approach of finding the best solution for all parties – not just for one individual.

Do the Right Thing

We do what is right – yesterday, today and tomorrow. This may not be the easiest or most comfortable plan of action, but we are strong enough to take the right path anyway.


We are committed to providing unbelievable service to our clients. We are also committed to the success of our colleagues, our clients and Gassen Company. We are one team and we demonstrate that.

Our Leadership Team

Choosing Gassen Management means choosing a team of true leaders in the property management field. Our experts are dedicated to managing your property with professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to excellence. 




Kirk Gassen

Ben 1 copy.jpg

Ben Lampron

Chief Executive Officer

new amy.jpeg

Amy Kleinschmidt

Chief Financial Officer



Kristi Hoffman

President of Association Management


Image shows Tony Christopherson, General Manager of the GCM Construction and Maintenance division at Gassen HOA Management.

Tony Christopherson

General Manager, GCM

Karen Ingram

Vice President of Association Management


Image shows Melissa Beaupre, Controller at Gassen HOA Management.

Melissa Beaupre


IMG_1194 (1).jpg

Seth Stevenson

General Manager, Project Management

Our Property Managers

Image shows photo of Property Managers on the staircase in the Gassen Headquarters.

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