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Welcome to property management and professional relationships done absolutely right. We are based proudly in Minnesota and have been diligently serving our property management and maintenance clients for over 40 years. Take the cyber tour of Gassen Company and enjoy a fresh and welcoming perspective in property management.


We began serving the Minnesota real estate and property management industry in 1969. Our four-decade history gives us a keen awareness into the pressures, the particulars and the challenges of ownership—it’s part of our DNA.

In 1986, it became clear that we could truly make a discernible difference in the property management field—specifically, homeowner association (HOA) management for condominiums, townhomes, common interest communities and cooperatives. Our background and our forward-thinking approach uniquely qualify us to successfully serve our association clients.


  1. 1) We Care
  2. 2) Solution Focused
  3. 3) Do The Right Thing
  4. 4) Committed


Our passion is building trusting, long-lasting relationships with our clients.


Your property is uniquely yours. Your homeowners are a collection of individuals creating varied challenges. Your goals and desires are our first and foremost concern. At Gassen, we will never hammer you into a template created for another property. We create a management plan specifically designed for your needs, goals and your particular challenges. This is not guesswork; this is true analysis of your history, location, resident profile, financial projections, unusual circumstances and the insight we gain by simply communicating well.

From a well-crafted plan, we adjust as situations demand, we move forward and we take the burden of HOA management off your shoulders.

Gassen has a long and proud history of success. We pride ourselves on getting it right: right for you. Make plans to succeed with Gassen.

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Gassen is respected and connected. Our list of professional associations is varied, deep and always expanding.

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