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Homeowner’s Associations and Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services, What You Need To Know

By YardWorx Outdoor Services

Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services 

Professional grounds maintenance companies often offer a wide variety of services to improve the overall look and usability of your property. In an effort to maintain a pristine cohesive appearance in your community, a commercial grounds maintenance company is crucial. You may wonder how it works and what is included, so here are four types of services that you can likely expect from your grounds-maintenance company. For specific details on your property and what all will be included for your property, please contact your HOA board. 

Weekly Summer Grounds Maintenance 

Keeping your lawn and common areas mowed, trimmed and free of debris is key to the overall appearance and safe usability of the property. Many properties will need this service to be done weekly. Most properties will require yearly “spring clean up” and “fall clean up”, tree & shrub trimming, and sidewalk and parking lot edging, in addition to weekly maintenance. Your specific HOA will be able to tell you the scope of services and the schedule for your ground maintenance so you can plan-ahead if needed.

Weed whacker trimming the edge of lawn.

Summer grounds maintenance is always weather dependent, so if or when the schedule changes, you can contact your HOA board for the updated schedule. When the weather is not cooperating with the needs of the grass, landscape plants and trees, many HOAs have or will install irrigation systems. These systems are automated to save water by running only as long as needed, not when it is raining and during times when the sun isn’t going to evaporate the water before it has a chance to soak into the ground. Most systems also run in sections, meaning your neighbor’s lawn might get watered before yours does, or if a home is in an area where watering isn’t needed, it might not run at all. 

As Needed Winter Grounds Maintenance, Snow Removal and Deicing 

Many grounds maintenance companies also offer winter services like snow plowing and removal, shoveling and deicing high traffic areas such as parking lots and sidewalks. There isn’t a regular schedule for these services as it is 100% weather dependent. Crews will work around the clock to ensure snow is removed and deicing protocols are used to make sure your community is safe so you can get in and out of your home, garage, driveway and road. 

Sometimes in larger or longer storms, crews may have to make multiple trips to your HOA to make sure they are keeping up with the falling snow. This can be frustrating if you don’t see them return for a while and you need to go somewhere or if they didn’t move snow like you thought they would. Winter teams are trained to stay safe and work efficiently. Sometimes, plowing and moving snow piles are done in stages to allow for many properties to be taken care of during a storm. Rest assured, the board approved a plan and the crew will be back to complete the job as agreed upon. You can contact your HOA board with questions, but in most cases, it is best to wait until the snow stops for the company to return to finish the job. 

Person shoveling snow off of driveway or sidewalk with manual hand held shovel.

The most important thing you can do is have your driveway and sidewalks cleared of cars, trash cans and anything else that could block snow removal efforts. Another thing to remember is each HOA has a different “trigger” meaning that snow removal efforts don’t start until there is a certain amount of snow, you can be sure that the crew will be out in your HOA measuring the snow and making a schedule of their properties to ensure they are prepared when it’s time to get to work. If a storm doesn’t produce enough to plow per your HOAs contract, it might only require deicing. You can check with your HOA board to learn what the trigger is and what has been agreed upon with your property maintenance company. 

Landscaping Services 

Many grounds maintenance companies also offer landscaping services. These jobs are bidded, planned and budgeted for, sometimes over a long period of time. HOAs are meant to look aesthetic and cohesive and landscaping plays a big role in that. You may notice that certain parts of your community get upgraded or serviced before yours, that could be due to many factors, but it is likely because the project is spread out over time. Again, you can contact your board to learn the details of the project. 

The Impact of Commercial Grounds Maintenance On Your Property 

No matter the season, you should expect the company taking care of your property to be trained, experienced and respectful of your home. You can look forward to a beautiful property all year round and with some basic knowledge and expectations, you’re sure to appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping your property and community safe and enjoyable. 

Not only is it nice to come home to a beautifully manicured lawn and gardens, but keeping up with lawn maintenance, irrigation, and landscaping makes your community more appealing to future homeowners and helps to keep sale prices up. 

Your grounds maintenance, landscaping and winter service crews are trained to be efficient and safe. Please remember not to attempt to stop them while they work, if you have questions or concerns, your board will either be able to answer you, or they will be able to contact the property manager which is the direct contact with your property maintenance company. 

The Yardworx Outdoor Services logo in green and orange. They are the writer of this blog.

Get To Know Your Grounds Maintenance Provider! 

Who We Are 

Yardworx Outdoor Services is a locally owned and operated grounds maintenance company serving the Twin Cities Metro Area, specializing in homeowner’s associations and other commercial properties since 2017. Our mission is to provide a premier service to our clients for the long term, so your satisfaction is very important to us. 

Our core values are at the heart of our mission: 

  • People - Yardworx always puts our employees first, happy employees get better results for you! 

  • Safety – Yardworx not only takes pride in our presentation, but also in safety. 

  • Quality - From maintaining pristine landscapes to providing top-notch customer service, we uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism. 

  • Communication - We prioritize clear and proactive communication with our boards and property managers. 

Yardworx works closely with Gassen to ensure your HOA looks great and is operating at its full potential, all year round. From summer grounds maintenance, landscape enhancements & maintaining your irrigation system to snow removal and deicing in the winter – you can trust that your property will always look its best for you, your family and community to enjoy! 

How We Can Serve 

Homeowner’s associations are known for having high standards and strict policies when it comes to the overall aesthetic and curb appeal within the community. Yardworx works hard to ensure that your property is not only looking great, but that it is safe for you, your family and your neighbors. 

Our employees take pride in operating late model vehicles and equipment to ensure not only safety, but also efficiency so that you can enjoy your outdoor space sooner. 

Property managers and your HOA board members play an important role in how we can best serve your community. Not only do we work closely all year round, Yardworx is committed to building a long-standing relationship by attending board meetings and getting to know the faces in your community. 

We are grateful to be a part of your community and look forward to continuing to serve as your year-round grounds maintenance and landscaping professionals. 


“Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?” 

You should always contact your HOA board or property manager at Gassen directly. We ask you to please not stop crew members on site both for your safety and to ensure your concerns are addressed efficiently through the proper channels. 

“How does your contract work?” 

Yardworx has a standard scope of work when it comes to HOAs. Summer services start April 1st and go through October 31st. You can expect to see our crews on site just about every week, weather depending. 

Our winter services start November 1st and go through March 31st. Individual contracts may vary, so for detailed information regarding snow events and timing, please contact your HOA board or property manager. 

“Why isn’t my landscaping being updated, but my neighbors’ is?” 

Yardworx works closely with the HOA board and Gassen to create a plan that follows a planned budget, sometimes that means planned projects are scheduled out over several years or done one section at a time. If you have questions regarding landscape, please refer to the board or property manager. 

“Why did our schedule change” 

Please remember, all services are weather dependent, and Yardworx will always prioritize the safety of their employees while completing all work in a safe and timely manner. Yardworx will always be in contact with the property manager if the schedule needs to change for any reason. 

Yardworx Outdoor Services is a locally owned and operated grounds maintenance company serving the Twin Cities Metro Area, specializing in year-round services for HOAs and other commercial properties since 2017. Please contact your HOA board or property manager at Gassen for more information. 


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