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How to Help a Struggling Family in Your HOA Neighborhood

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are wonderful community-building organizations. They create bonds over the universal sense of pride that comes from working together to maintain a beautiful neighborhood. However, despite the high sense of morale a good HOA management instills in its community, there undoubtedly will be times when individual families struggle with their personal lives—that is, their lives outside of HOA activities that the rest of the community might not fully see.

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How Poor Communication Can Hurt Your HOA

Without proper management, communication issues can cripple an HOA and cause a broad spectrum of problems. For this reason, it is wise to hire a property management company, such as Gassen, to keep things organized and everyone informed.

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Tenant Property Inspections: Why and How Often?

By working with numerous property owners across Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gassen has learned the value of ongoing property inspections. Whether you own a condominium, apartment complex, or some rental homes, a property inspection can help you protect your investments and ensure tenant safety.

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How to Boost Your Reputation as a Property Owner

Your reputation as a business owner hinges on how well you develop your business relationships with your partners, vendors, and the public at large. Although your property management company can take care of aspects of your reputation, a lot of it depends on you.

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8 Design Trends Rental Property Owners Should Consider

There is a wide range of modern design trends that you should consider when upgrading your property. Gassen can help you through every stage of your upcoming project by creating a budget and keeping your accounting in the black. Here is a list of some of the hottest trends that we recommend to get you started on making your space inviting and unique.

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How Important are HOA Management Contracts?

HOAs present a broad spectrum of challenges and issues that arise due to conflicts between members and board members. No matter how great your HOA is, there will always be situations that arise in which people disagree. For this reason, HOAs and other organizations must draw up contracts to get everyone on the same page. If conflict ensues (and it will), a contract reminds everyone of what was agreed upon between the board and everyone in the organization. Contracts are legally binding and give either side leverage in settling disagreements. Below is a summary of some of the reasons why you need clearly defined contracts in your HOA.

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Why You Need a Professional Property Management Company in 2018

If you own property in Minneapolis, you know that it can be a sizable commitment that takes you in different directions. While it may make sense to take a do-it-yourself approach to save a little money, it rarely produces the kind of results you’re looking for. A professional property management company can ensure that your assets are taken care of and that you have financial stability when it comes to expenditures. Here are some important tasks a property manager can do for you:

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How to Attract Renters to Your Properties

Whether you run an HOA, own a home, or looking to fill a condo, you know how challenging it can be to find the right tenants. The process of screening renters can be long and arduous. With the help of Gassen, you can attract the right type of clients to your property. Below are our top suggestions for securing the ideal renters.

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What Makes a Good Property Investment?

When it comes to real estate investment, a property’s location, nearby resources and past come into play. That said, investment is about a lot more than simple logistics. If you’re getting your feet wet with property investment, you should understand a few investment dynamics, first. There’s a reason property management providers pack a property portfolio which prioritizes variety. Variety matters, and so do these qualities:

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Using Online Services to Make Renting Your Property Easier

Certain industries and professionals use the web for practically everything while others find it frustrating to navigate the different programs. If you're a property manager though, you're missing out on a big opportunity if you're not looking to the computer as a source of help to rent your property. 

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