We understand that the reason many people choose to buy a home that is part of a homeowner's association is because they want the chance to live completely maintenance free.  At Gassen, we take that commitment seriously.  We never want our clients and homeowners to have to worry about shoveling a walkway or searching on their own to find a good contractor.  If asked to help, we are more than happy to step in.  Richard, a homeowner, describes below the level of service you can come to expect with Gassen.


"I’m sure that you get a lot of “requests” to do this or that, well I am one of those and just last week: I requested someone to get out to our Condo and clean the ice off the roof because the water was leaking down our walls. The next day I requested an estimate as to when they would be there and walked out the door for most of that day. When I returned I had an answer from you and a message from our renters. You said “it would be this same day”, our renters said “they came at eight o’clock and did a great job”. This is the second time I’ve asked you for something and the response has been GREAT. I just wanted to thank you for your service and expertise. It is a pleasure doing business with you Peggy. "


At Gassen, we believe that we have the perfect blend to our company.  We are a large enough company that we are able to effectively deal with large contracting companies and manage just about anything that can be thrown at us, including anything that Mother Nature can think up.  We have a big team that is eager and ready to serve you, our clients.  At the same time though, Gassen is able to maintain it's family owned roots.  We respond in person, in a timely manner and realize that our customers are what make us so great.  We even encourage our clients and residents to pick up the phone and speak with the company owner himself!  That is not something you will see everyday with a company as large and as reputable as Gassen.  That is because we believe in the personal connection.  Just like Richard's review above, we want to make sure our clients remain our priority.  When taking on a new community to manage, we even like to scope out the community for 60 days before we assign an HOA property manager.  We want to make sure we assign someone that fits well with the general vibe.  We believe the human connection is what makes everyone more successful.