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Learning to Ask for Help as an HOA Board Member

Learn to ask for help from a provider of property management services and HO management.

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How to Run a Unified HOA

Learn some HOA management tips from a provider of property management services and online property management.

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Are HOA Neighborhoods Right for Everyone?

Wondering if an HOA is right for your neighborhood? An HO management company that provides online property management weighs in.

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What Makes a Great HOA Board?

We’ve all heard the phrase “there is no I in team.” This idea, to some degree, does apply to HOA management boards. While we here at Gassen believe that board members as individuals make a huge impact on their communities, it’s the function of the board as a team that really makes HOA neighborhoods shine.

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Start the Year Off Right With HOA Management Services

Welcome to 2020! Doesn’t it feel strange to be on the other side of a decade? While it may feel a little weird, now is the perfect time to set goals—New Year’s Resolutions, of sorts—for the upcoming year for your HOA, be them long or short-term. As HOA management, we must all constantly strive to be better and to bring the best service we can to the homeowners and communities that support us, and whom we support in turn.

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Preparing for Spring HOA Exterior Maintenance

In last month’s blog, we talked in a fair bit of depth regarding preparing your HOA neighborhood for spring landscaping. While we stand by the importance of this topic, it’s not the only thing your HOA will need to prepare for in the coming months. Exterior maintenance of community amenities and homes also should be a priority for your Minnesota HOA neighborhood. Winters are hard on buildings; if left unchecked, damage wrought by the snow and ice can lead to anything from moisture damage to mold infestation.

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Why Should You Only Hire Licenced Contractors for Your HOA?

As HOA management, you want what’s best for your members. Period. However, during leaner financial years, it can be difficult to always afford top-quality services. You might, after viewing portfolios and weighing your options, think about going with an unlicensed contractor to get your HOA’s needed work done. If their work in the past hasn’t been bad, you’ll probably come out okay, right?

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Joyous Holiday HOA Event Ideas

It’s already November, which means that winter is right around the corner—if Minnesota hasn’t decided to bring the cold season early, as it often tends to do! Regardless, the holiday season and the surrounding festivities mean that homeowners associations (HOAs) and property management services everywhere are working hard and wrapping up their planning sessions for the upcoming year.

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How to Improve Resident Satisfaction in Your HOA

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are run for the benefit of those who live there; that’s an indisputable fact. By maintaining property values and building communities through events and amenities, HOA management hopes to make living in the neighborhood as fulfilling as it can be for everyone who lives there—not just the board or specific residents.

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How HOA Community Life is Better than Life in a Non-HOA Neighborhood

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are much more than amenities and fancy landscaping. They allow communities to grow close in a way that few other organizations can, and they provide a certain measure of financial security that’s needed in an ever-changing economy. Gassen, a Twin Cities HOA management firm, explains in what respects an HOA neighborhood is better than non-HOA neighborhoods.

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