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5 Design Trends Rental Property Owners Should Avoid

While trendy designs are fun and creative, they don’t always draw the attention of renters. Trends quickly go out of style and can cause you to renovate your property more often. Adding trendy features can become costly and time consuming, as well, so if you are wondering what trends to avoid, let Gassen help you understand what works well with renters. Let’s begin with five trends that every rental property owner should avoid.

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A Proactive Approach to Tenant/Homeowner Safety and Health

Did you know that you can assess where the possible hazards are in your rentals by looking at your reserve study? If you can identify areas where safety is an issue, you can formulate a plan to prevent accidents before your new tenants move in. We formulated a checklist of core safety and health issues that arise in residential properties. These problems are common in homes, apartments, and condos - essentially, any dwelling structure.

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Why You Need a Professional Property Management Company in 2018

If you own property in Minneapolis, you know that it can be a sizable commitment that takes you in different directions. While it may make sense to take a do-it-yourself approach to save a little money, it rarely produces the kind of results you’re looking for. A professional property management company can ensure that your assets are taken care of and that you have financial stability when it comes to expenditures. Here are some important tasks a property manager can do for you:

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How to Prepare for Landscaping This Spring

Professional landscapers and property owners know that the time for planning for spring landscaping is now. Planning includes several elements such as creating a concept or design or your property, scheduling and hiring the right company to do the work, putting together a budget, and possibly even getting ideas and feedback from your HOA. While it’s tempting to do all of this yourself, you should hire a professional property management company to do the work for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Below are some tips on how to get started preparing for your spring landscaping now.

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How to Handle Difficult HOA Members

Dealing with difficult people can test your nerve in any setting. Trying to get along with a neighbor in your HOA, however, can sometimes take the challenge to the next level. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is that we take ownership of our neighborhoods. We take responsibility for them, and we count everything that goes on in an HOA personally.

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How to Attract Renters to Your Properties

Whether you run an HOA, own a home, or looking to fill a condo, you know how challenging it can be to find the right tenants. The process of screening renters can be long and arduous. With the help of Gassen, you can attract the right type of clients to your property. Below are our top suggestions for securing the ideal renters.

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The Invisible Aspects of Property Management

Some of the aspects of property management are quite visible. You can notice them in manicured green space and well-maintained properties. You can see them in clean, refreshing pools and tidy streets or common areas. Other, perhaps even more important aspects of property management, are invisible. These are the parts of an excellent property management team that you may not notice when they are performed well, but can be problematic when not taken care of properly. At Gassen, we pride ourselves on expertly handling all aspects of property management, including the invisible ones.

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Gassen's Property Management Can Save You Valuable Time

A good property management company can save their clients a great deal of valuable time, and Gassen is the best in the Twin Cities area. Gassen has always put a high priority on establishing a relationship with our clients. This approach, combined with our commitment to saving our customers time and stress, has helped main a healthy and happy relationship with a variety of clients over the years. Working with Gassen has it’s many perks, check them out below:

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How Can Owners Maximize Rental Income?

Rental property can provide a favorable rate of return and steady cash flows, but only if you have the right strategy in place, including the services of a property management company. Some of the steps for maximizing rental income involve thoroughly screening tenants, establishing longer lease periods and collecting on late fees when applicable. These steps enhance the potential for better outcomes.

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What Makes a Good Property Investment?

When it comes to real estate investment, a property’s location, nearby resources and past come into play. That said, investment is about a lot more than simple logistics. If you’re getting your feet wet with property investment, you should understand a few investment dynamics, first. There’s a reason property management providers pack a property portfolio which prioritizes variety. Variety matters, and so do these qualities:

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