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Homeowners Association

What Makes a Great HOA Board?

HOA management is at its best when the board functions well as a team. Find out what this looks like from a provider of property management services.

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What is the Gassen Difference?

As a provider of property management services, accounting property management, and online property management services, Gassen stands apart from the rest.

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Start the Year Off Right With HOA Management Services

Accounting property management, online property management, and general property management services can all make a huge difference for your HOA this year.

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Preparing for Spring HOA Exterior Maintenance

Take it from a property management company: spring building maintenance should be at the top of your HOA management’s spring to-do list.

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Why Should You Only Hire Licenced Contractors for Your HOA?

As HOA management, you want what’s best for your members. Period. However, during leaner financial years, it can be difficult to always afford top-quality services. You might, after viewing portfolios and weighing your options, think about going with an unlicensed contractor to get your HOA’s needed work done. If their work in the past hasn’t been bad, you’ll probably come out okay, right?

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What Makes a Good Condo Development?

Condominiums, though smaller than full-sized townhomes and other units under HOA management, can be the perfect housing solution for many people. Generally speaking, lower mortgage payments, coupled with a built-in community and typically convenient location, makes them ideal for anyone from the first-time real-estate buyer to the aged individual looking for a retirement community. Condos really are the unsung heroes of housing!

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Preventing Late Payments in Your HOA Neighborhood

Your HOA depends on timely payments of its members’ dues in order to function. One late payment and suddenly the neighborhood as a whole is in debt to contractors or other maintenance companies! Moreover, if money isn’t available, these services won’t get done. On a large scale, this can mean a decrease in property values and resident satisfaction—the two things that a HOA neighborhood is supposed to ensure the growth of.

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Preparing for Spring Landscaping

It’s December, and holiday joy is in full swing! However, even while your HOA is busy celebrating and spending time with family, as a board, it never hurts to begin springtime preparations. The earlier you begin to plan, the easier the process will be once the ground defrosts and actual work begins. Spring cleaning is hard enough; it’s important that you work ahead.

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Using Social Media to your HOA’s Advantage

Social media can be a powerful community-building force. You no doubt have heard that it can be used to organize social movements for good, start and end trends, and hold friendships together across thousands of miles of distance. What you probably haven’t heard, though, is that almost any social media platform can be used to bring homeowners association (HOA) communities closer together and foster a sense of belonging among residents that these regulated communities are so well known for.

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Joyous Holiday HOA Event Ideas

It’s already November, which means that winter is right around the corner—if Minnesota hasn’t decided to bring the cold season early, as it often tends to do! Regardless, the holiday season and the surrounding festivities mean that homeowners associations (HOAs) and property management services everywhere are working hard and wrapping up their planning sessions for the upcoming year.

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