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What Makes a Good HOA Board Member?

Proper HOA management brings tight social bonds and financial stability to neighborhoods everywhere—and it all starts with the board of directors (or the board, for short). These are community members who volunteer their time, through online property management or otherwise, to help the HOA make decisions that keep the community healthy and strong.

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Renovations You Can Make to Increase the Rental Price of Your Home

Making renovations to a rental property can be tricky. You don't want to over improve the property. This may cause you to spend more money than you will ever get back in rent. However, making the right improvements can help to increase the rental price of a home. Here are a few improvements that can help you to increase the monthly rent on a rental home.

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How to Recognize Poor Property Management

Real estate may be one of your largest investments. It makes sense then that you would want to hire a top notch property management company to manage those real estate investments. A good property manager protects your investments, while a bad property manager can actually wreak havoc on your investments and actually cause you to lose money. Here are some ways to recognize poor property management. 

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What Not To Expect From Your HOA Board

Most homeowners, especially new ones, have very high expectations of their volunteer HOA Board. As a result, they put undue pressure on the Board, instead of contacting their property manager. Here are some expectations that homeowners need to let go of.

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How To Recognize Excellence in a Property Management Company

When your Board of Directors searches for a new property management company, what do they look for? What are key indicators that a company will be right for your association? 

Each of the characteristics below shows excellence and potential HOA satisfaction with a property management in a different way. Each will play a different role in importance for you, as you do your research, depending on problems you’ve had with property managers in the past. Let’s look at what makes these indicators important.

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Turkey day is almost here! Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition with your friends or family? Maybe you go to a movie together, run a race before eating that big dinner, or just take a walk through one of the many Twin Cities area parks? Whether you’re looking to start a tradition or just looking to have fun on Thanksgiving and over the holiday weekend, here are some great ideas for things to do in the Twin Cities area.

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Gassen Company’s Carla Gruenhagen sits on the Charitable Giving Committee with CAI-MN.

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