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Why Should You Only Hire Licenced Contractors for Your HOA?

As HOA management, you want what’s best for your members. Period. However, during leaner financial years, it can be difficult to always afford top-quality services. You might, after viewing portfolios and weighing your options, think about going with an unlicensed contractor to get your HOA’s needed work done. If their work in the past hasn’t been bad, you’ll probably come out okay, right?

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Preventing Late Payments in Your HOA Neighborhood

Your HOA depends on timely payments of its members’ dues in order to function. One late payment and suddenly the neighborhood as a whole is in debt to contractors or other maintenance companies! Moreover, if money isn’t available, these services won’t get done. On a large scale, this can mean a decrease in property values and resident satisfaction—the two things that a HOA neighborhood is supposed to ensure the growth of.

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Building Community in HOA Neighborhoods Through Winterization

Fall is here! While many of us love basking in the picturesque colors of a Minnesotan autumn, for others, the season means picking up the slack to prepare for colder weather. HOA neighborhoods have a lot on their plates; winters here are long, frigid, and damaging to property values all across the state. Not to mention that below-zero temperatures can put a damper on community morale.

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New to an HOA? Here Are Six Survival Tips

Homeowners associations (HOAs) offer an array of benefits to all members within the organization and community. However, if you have never been a member of an HOA, you may have no idea what to expect. Below is a short guide on what you should know when joining an HOA for the first time.

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Healthy and Safety Guidelines for HOAs

Did you know you can assess where the possible hazards are in your rentals by looking at your reserve study? If you can identify areas where safety is an issue, you can formulate a plan to prevent accidents before your new tenants move in.

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5 Tips for Handling a Hoarding Homeowner in Your HOA

Hoarding is a growing problem in our Minneapolis communities. Knowing how to handle hoarders in you HOA neighborhood can be crucial for everyone. There are laws and guidelines for handling hoarders, and Gassen knows how to handle a hoarder in your HOA. We have the tools and resources to properly handle the situation. Let’s begin with a few things you can do when faced with a hoarder.

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Here's How to Avoid Low Property Values That Can Hurt Your HOA

By their very nature HOAs affect property values. The question is whether the values increase or decrease. Much of that is in the hands of the HOA. Property owners and managers also have a substantial effect on the market value the condition of the property over time. Below, we provide some tips on how to avoid low property values and maintain a strong presence in the real estate market. If you need further consultation, you can contact our office. We’ll be happy to go over the property management services we provide.

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5 Tips for HOA's to Improve Resident Satisfaction

Tenant satisfaction is a critical factor in a host of HOA management concerns. The following tips can help your HOA develop a solid community that is responsive to concerns and attractive to quality residents. 

Provide Amenities – Balancing the cost and benefits of resident amenities is challenging for any HOA, but they are critical to attracting the best residents and keeping them satisfied. Consider the needs of your community and what kind of residents you want, then provide incentives that appeal to ideal neighbors. Some examples include complimentary dog walking, on-site daycare, or a community garden. If your HOA has a community center, use it! Offer cooking classes, workshops, and other community-building activities

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Do You Need to Worry About Curb Appeal When it Comes to Your Rental Home?

If you are selling your home, it is important that you ensure your home has curb appeal. The exterior of the home and your landscaping are the first thing a buyer will see and can mold their initial thoughts of your home. However, if you have a rental home, you may be wondering if curb appeal is also important. Here are a few questions you may have about curb appeal and your rental home.

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5 Ways to Avoid Accounting Problems With Your HOA

Homeowners associations face several challenges when it comes to managing your finances. You have to stay on top of all funds coming in and going out, keep an eye out for fraud or embezzlement, and confirm you have a solid long-term financial strategy for the community. HOA board members don't always have a strong understanding of accounting for this type of organization, which can lead to mismanaged funds and other problems. Use these five tactics to avoid accounting problems with your HOA. 

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