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Condo Development

What Makes a Good Condo Development?

Condominiums, though smaller than full-sized townhomes and other units under HOA management, can be the perfect housing solution for many people. Generally speaking, lower mortgage payments, coupled with a built-in community and typically convenient location, makes them ideal for anyone from the first-time real-estate buyer to the aged individual looking for a retirement community. Condos really are the unsung heroes of housing!

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Co-Ops, Condos, and Townhomes: A Comparison

If you’re new to living underneath HOA management, you may hear a ton of foreign terms thrown around by board members and fellow residents alike. It can leave you feeling quite confused, left behind, and altogether alienated—the exact opposite of how any HOA should make you feel.

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Common Condominium Property Code Violations

Whether you own your own condo or are in charge of maintaining an entire building of them, regular building inspections are needed to ensure that every unit meets the current building safety codes.

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What Are Today’s Homeowners Looking for in an HOA?

Nearly 25 percent of today’s homeowners live in some type of managed community. HOA communities are attractive options for buyers because they know they have protection for their real estate investments. In a neighborhood where everyone is subject to rules and regulations, property owners can rest assured that their community will be well-managed. They can also take advantage of conflict mediation services and benefit from regular maintenance that doesn’t exist in unmanaged communities.

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How to Prepare for Landscaping This Spring

Professional landscapers and property owners know that the time for planning for spring landscaping is now. Planning includes several elements such as creating a concept or design or your property, scheduling and hiring the right company to do the work, putting together a budget, and possibly even getting ideas and feedback from your HOA. While it’s tempting to do all of this yourself, you should hire a professional property management company to do the work for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Below are some tips on how to get started preparing for your spring landscaping now.

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The Roles and Responsibilities of Condominium Association Management Companies

If you are looking to hire a condominium association management company to assist you in your role as a member of your Association’s Board of Directors, it is important that the roles and responsibilities of each are clearly defined.  Having these duties defined can help you avoid gaps in communication and expectations, and it can help reduce issues that stem from being unsure of who’s “job” it is to take care of a particular problem. In general, condo association management companies take on three main roles: communicator, operations manager, and finance manager.

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Examining the Future of Property Management: What Changes Mean for the Industry

The future of any industry can be difficult to see, no matter how objective a person is. Right now, experts are noticing that despite the rise of property values and profits, there is a lack of interest in the next generation to become a part of this booming sector of the economy. Student loans and high valuations make it difficult for younger buyers to enter the market, meaning it's pivotal for everyone to understand what the industry will look like after the current leaders retire. Find out what you should know about these changes to make the most of your own property management career.

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The Gassen Commitment

We understand that the reason many people choose to buy a home that is part of a homeowner's association is because they want the chance to live completely maintenance free.  At Gassen, we take that commitment seriously.  We never want our clients and homeowners to have to worry about shoveling a walkway or searching on their own to find a good contractor.  If asked to help, we are more than happy to step in.  Richard, a homeowner, describes below the level of service you can come to expect with Gassen.

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Renovations You Can Make to Increase the Rental Price of Your Home

Making renovations to a rental property can be tricky. You don't want to over improve the property. This may cause you to spend more money than you will ever get back in rent. However, making the right improvements can help to increase the rental price of a home. Here are a few improvements that can help you to increase the monthly rent on a rental home.

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What Not To Expect From Your HOA Board

Most homeowners, especially new ones, have very high expectations of their volunteer HOA Board. As a result, they put undue pressure on the Board, instead of contacting their property manager. Here are some expectations that homeowners need to let go of.

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