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What Makes a Great HOA Board?

HOA management is at its best when the board functions well as a team. Find out what this looks like from a provider of property management services.

What is the Gassen Difference?

As a provider of property management services, accounting property management, and online property management services, Gassen stands apart from the rest.

Start the Year Off Right With HOA Management Services

Accounting property management, online property management, and general property management services can all make a huge difference for your HOA this year.

Preparing for Spring HOA Exterior Maintenance

Take it from a property management company: spring building maintenance should be at the top of your HOA management’s spring to-do list.

Gassen SPRING 2019 Newsletter

Gassen SPRING 2019 Newsletter

Gassen Newsletter

Gassen Newsletter

The Gassen Way - Fall 2018

The Gassen Way - Fall 2018

How to Make Your HOA More Attractive to Homebuyers

Whether you run an HOA, own a home, or looking to fill a condo, you know how challenging it can be to find active HOA members. The process of attracting home or condo owners to your organization be long and arduous. With the help of Gassen, you can draw the right type of members to your HOA and build an active community.

How Your HOA Can Effectively Utilize Social Media

If your HOA is utilizing social media to build community and share information, then it's essential that you get off to a good start. Social media platforms are a highly useful tool for keeping everyone in touch and getting the word out about updates, upcoming events, and even weather alerts. We provide some tips below on how you can effectively and safely use social media for your HOA.

How to Maintain a More Financially Stable HOA

Without financial stability, your HOA’s future will always be in question. You’ll rarely - if ever - meet your goals, and you board members will always be under heavy scrutiny. You may also risk facing legal problems, and your property values could plummet due to lack of funding for maintenance and upgrades.

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