Local Property Management | Gassen Companies - Minneapolis & St. Paul MN
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We live here.

Gassen is proudly Minnesotan. We offer local property management services to communities all over the state. Our team lives and works in the same communities you do. That hometown connection further fuels our drive to do best by our clients, their homes, and our communities.

This is why we only hire local contractors to work for you. During our vetting process, we not only make sure we select only the most reliable and skilled contractors and technicians, but we also only work with companies that share our passion for Minnesota and its people.

LocalLy connected.

The entire HOA management process takes place in Minnesota. You won’t have to call a number in a different state or country to get someone on the line, just a local exchange. Everyone, from maintenance crews to the President of Gassen lives here in Minnesota. More than that, we aim to include local businesses in everything we do. 

We know the terrain - and the weather, too.

Having a local HOA management company is a huge advantage. Because we are Minnesotans through and through, we know how to cut the grass during a wet May, which products will be most energy efficient during our cold winters, and how best to keep sidewalks clean and dry.

Let Us Bring Exceptional To Where You Live.