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How to Build Equity in Your HOA

HOAs place a lot of priority on property values. Property owners and property managers can partner together to not only avoid low property values but also build equity over time.

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Why a Property Management Service Should Also Be Your Accountant

To maintain a well-run HOA, you need accurate and timely financial data. When it comes to making decisions for your community, monitoring your income and expenses is critical. At Gassen, we recognize the importance of meticulously-kept finances. That’s why we offer accounting services in addition to our property management solutions.

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How HOA Policies Affect Your Reserve Study

Now that 2018 is underway, it’s time to enact the HOA policies that you’ve set in place. What you’ll soon find out is how these policies will alter your reserve study. Although we’ve helped you update your reserve study this year, you’ll no doubt experience some surprises. Whatever changes you’ll need to make, we can guide you through the process so that you can be prepared over the next few years as your policies play out. Below are some HOA policies and procedures that have a significant effect on reserve studies.

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How Gassen Can Set Your HOA Board Up for Success

Gassen provides the tools and resources to help you become a successful board member of your local HOA. Regardless of what your role is or what you are in charge of, we can take your leadership and your HOA to the next the level.

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