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How to Take HOA Feedback Constructively

Holding a position in HOA management means a lot of public scrutiny, but you can learn to use both criticism and praise to your advantage.

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How to Maintain HOA Amenities That Aren’t Being Used

With the novel Coronavirus still being at large, HOA management teams everywhere have needed to change how they do things, and this may involve temporarily shutting down beloved amenities that, unfortunately, could foster transmission. As your community adjusts to the board’s new MO, though, you’re still left with the task of maintaining those amenities while they’re closed, which can be almost as big a job as keeping them open if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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How Many Rules Is Too Many Rules for an HOA?

Your HOA management team can’t do its job without its CC&R’s and its bylaws; Those dictations are how the high standards of living your community is so well known for is maintained. Plus, enforced rules give your community a sense of peace and order that non-HOA communities go without.

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5 Amenities to Boost Your HOA Board Reputation

Amenities are a mainstay of a happy HOA community. They provide your residents with some much-needed R&R, not to mention spruce up the neighborhood nicely. They also demonstrate that your HOA management board truly cares for and hears the community, boosting its reputation. As the board’s reputation both influences community morale and resident turnover rates, you’d be wise to use amenities to your advantage in this respect.

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