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From the monthly archives: January 2021

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Why It’s Important to Enforce the Rules in Your HOA Community

HOA management with or without additional property management services cannot afford to be too relaxed, nor too stringent. Get tips on how to effectively enforce the rules in your HOA community from the experienced team at Gassen.

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The Top 4 Most-Requested HOA Amenities

No matter how great your property management services are, your HOA management needs to invest in the right amenities to make community living worthwhile. Here are the top four most wanted HOA amenities.

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How to Prevent HOA Financial Headaches

HOA management boards need to either be smart about their finances or invest in accounting property management services – or both! Learn how to prevent HOA financial headaches from the experts at Gassen.

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How to Be an Effective HOA Leader

Even if you have the help of property management services, your HOA management board still needs strong leadership skills to unite the community. In this blog, the HOA experts at Gassen discuss how to be an effective leader.

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