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Three Ways to Make an Accurate HOA Election

As election season approaches for our nation at large, some HOAs might find themselves also holding elections on their own. Such elections determine who is permitted to serve on the board—proper HOA management isn’t a dictatorship, after all!

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Three Things to Keep in Mind When Managing Parking in Your HOA

Parking: we all hate having to deal with it. Whether it’s due to faulty meters, a particular parking’s parallel nature, or just a lack of space, leaving one’s car somewhere is often a whole lot more complicated than it appears at first glance. As HOA management, though, it’s your job to create an environment in which your residents hate it a little less, or even enjoy the convenient places your HOA has designated for the purpose. It’s the board’s duty to ensure a high standard of living, after all. If parking is a nightmare, you certainly won’t have happy residents!

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My Residents are Unhappy. What can I, as a Board Member, do to Help?

It’s every board member’s worst nightmare: an unhappy community. Regardless of the reason, it can very nearly break your heart and make you feel like you’re a failure like you’ve done a disservice to the community you love so much. However, you’ve discovered this mass dissatisfaction, at least this much is clear! That being said, it’s even a worse situation if you thought everything was going well. If you know you’ve been struggling as a member of HOA management lately, perhaps the blow to your ego would be easier to bear. As it is, your neighborhood is unhappy, you’re left reeling—and you have no idea what you did wrong.

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3 Ways to Maintain an Orderly HOA

Any well-run property management services company will tell you that order is one of many secret ingredients to keeping neighborhoods functioning at their prime. Time not spent chasing down email chains or clarifying bylaws can be spent collaborating to ensure the community’s betterment. However, maintaining order as an HOA board is easier said than done! Though it may be an ideal you aspire to, board members almost always have a life outside of their community responsibilities, a life which can get stressful and lead to quite the messy HOA management system.

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