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What’s the Secret to Great HOA Neighborhoods?

Has your board ever been jealous of neighboring HOAs? If it has, it’s only natural. HOA management groups everywhere strive day in and day out to make their neighborhoods the best they can be; a little envy is bound to crop up now and again. What does that gorgeous neighborhood a county or so over have that we don’t?

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The Board is Discordant! What Should I Do?

Nothing is worse than an arguing HOA management team—and we mean this from multiple perspectives. Of course, if the board cannot agree on the best course of action for a given issue, that issue will never be resolved, resulting in its festering and its continual negative impact on resident satisfaction. However, arguing boards are hard for the board members themselves, too, especially for those that function with the rest of their team as a singular tight-knit unit. Fighting with your fellow community leaders can emotionally feel very similar—even identical—to fighting with close friends.

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Fun and Safe End-Of-Summer HOA Activities

Summer is winding down, and social distancing may still be recommended, but that doesn’t mean your HOA can’t find something to celebrate! August is a great time for a good-old-fashioned get-together, with its relatively cooler temperatures and lack of significant holidays. Making time for your residents to bond is a crucial task of smart HOA management. After all, tight neighborhood relationships are part of what makes living in an HOA worth it. Plus, happy residents are bound to be more invested in their community as a whole. They’ll speak up during meetings, volunteer more, and generally contribute to a fuller extent to neighborhood life.

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Dealing with an Outdoor Bug Problem in Your HOA

Mosquitos, biting flies, you name it—outdoor bug pests of all sorts are a common occurrence here in Minnesota. Many of us have learned to deal with them over the years by spraying on repellent or otherwise staying indoors during dusk.

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