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Preparing your HOA For an Uncertain Fall

Enlist the help of property management services or online property management to make your board’s operations much easier.

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Peacefully Collecting HOA Dues: The Basics

Homeowners dues: almost nobody in HOA management likes to talk about them with residents. That said, they remain an integral part of keeping your HOA running, no matter if you use property management services or not. They make HOA life possible—community amenities, high property values, neighborhood bashes and all. Yes, they can be a sticky subject, but let’s not think of dues as a completely negative thing. Without them, everything from the board to the bonds your residents have forged probably wouldn’t exist.

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How to Keep Your Community Close While Social Distancing

Though some form of quarantine for many is necessary to protect themselves and the health of the general public, keeping isolated is a challenge for many HOAs. These communities tend to be focused on forging tight public bonds and hold in the high value and togetherness that community brings. It’s difficult to foster that coveted feeling of neighborhood closeness when meeting in large groups is ill-advised, even if your HOA management is tech-savvy and forward-thinking. Sometimes virtual meetings through apps just aren’t enough. After all, nothing can replace face-to-face contact.

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How to Get Residents Involved in Feedback and Discussions

The very point of HOA management is to give residents a voice regarding what goes on in their neighborhoods, and the board can—and definitely should—take the opinions of those it oversees into account when implementing bylaws or handling disputes. Running an HOA neighborhood is a community effort, and the board relies on the opinions of that community being voiced to make decisions that reflect its wants and needs.

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