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What To Do When A Resident Actively Harms Community Life

Although HOA neighborhoods are well-known for their harmonious community ecosystems, neighborly disagreements sometimes do happen. We’re all unique individuals with life experiences, political beliefs, and current circumstances that can make our opinions differ. With the help of great HOA management and property management services, though, minor squabbles can easily be sorted out. That’s the beauty of an HOA: through a larger entity that has the welfare of the community as a whole at heart, arguments tend to be resolved more quickly than in non-HOA neighborhoods. Generally speaking, everyone lives in harmony!

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Running a Clean and Sanitized Neighborhood

HOAs are put in place in a neighborhood to create a community with a high standard of living; it’s unarguable. What’s also unarguable is the need for sanitation practices in such a neighborhood, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus. Poor cleanliness in community amenities and the streets alike creates the perfect environment for germs of all sorts to grow, and a sick neighborhood is certainly not a happy one. Moreover, it’s a bit hard to feel satisfied living in a place that’s unsanitary.

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Keeping Spring Gatherings Safe and Clean (Without Ruining the Fun)

Whether or not social distancing guidelines are still in effect for your state, spring is the perfect time for a friendly gathering—virtual or otherwise. This is especially true for HOA neighborhoods. When you live in such a tight-knit community, it’s hard not to want to get together and celebrate as the Minnesota weather warms. HOA management across the state is probably busy scheming up clever and sanitary ways to keep community bonds strong during these stressful, turbulent times.

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How to Run an Ethical HOA

There’s a stereotype about HOA management that many boards are aware of: that HOAs are tyrannical, rule-obsessed organizations with little actual regard for residents’ wellbeing or satisfaction. As a provider of property management services ourselves, we’ve previously discussed why this line of thinking is absolutely that: a stereotype that holds little basis in the reality of many HOAs. If your board is striving to run things selflessly, you can rest assured that you’re doing all you can to make your neighbors’ lives in your community the best they can be.

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