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Spring Event Ideas for Your HOA

As the birds begin to sing again and the snow begins to melt, it’s time for your neighborhood to shake off the dust of winter and stride confidently into the warmer months. Spring has sprung! Warmer outdoor weather makes the perfect backdrop for community bonding experiences. Take if from Gassen, a provider of property management services. You might not even need to take it from us, though—can’t you just taste that feeling of potential and openness spring weather brings with it?

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Keeping your HOA’s Kids Safe in the Spring

As the warm weather spreads out over Minnesota, it’s common to get a little bit of spring fever, especially if you’re a kid! Springtime means longer days, more time to play outside with friends, and generally more room to run. Your HOA is bound to see an uptick in your youth resident’s outdoor activities as April rolls around.

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Ideal Spring Plants for HOA Landscaping

By this time of the year, the soil has most likely defrosted—though, in Minnesota, this can still be up in the air right about now! However, if the ground has thawed, it’s time for spring landscaping. HOA management groups everywhere are busy putting into action plans that have been months in development while raking away the detritus of winter and welcoming spring with fresh pops of green. Indeed, the board that takes spring landscaping seriously is bound to have a happy community on their hands.

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HOAs and Pets: Rules to Consider

For many people, their furry, feathered, or scaly friends are an integral part of their emotional health and well-being. There’s nothing quite like a dog greeting you with boundless excitement as you walk in the door from a long day’s work, or a normally standoffish cat hopping up for a cuddle when you’re sad. Pets are important, but so is community comfort. When it comes to HOA management, regulations about pets can be a difficult and touchy area of the bylaws to work with. For example, how does the board enforce a rule that forbids excessive barking in a resident’s dog, while also being fair to the owners, who may be trying to get training for it to improve the situation?

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