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Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your HOA

With the sunlight finally beginning to feel warm again, the unmistakable feeling of spring has entered the air. For some people, this can mean a sudden itch to get outdoors. While for others, it can mean a need to relax, and while for others, a fierce drive to start spring cleaning! There’s a reason why the term has stuck around in our language as long as it has. There’s something about warming weather that can make you want to dust off, declutter, and start completely anew. Why not adopt this line of thinking for your HOA?

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Property Management Services VS HOA Boards

If you’re a new resident in an HOA neighborhood, or your neighborhood has recently started an HOA, all the terminology thrown around can be confusing. Of course, you might know what words like “president” and “treasurer” mean outside of an HOA context, but what about the inside of it? What do these positions do? And what’s the deal with HOA boards and property management services? Don’t they essentially do the same thing? It all can feel so overwhelming.

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Getting Your HOA Ready For Summer

Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota! While it can be tempting to kick back in the sun and absorb some much-needed warmth after a long, cold winter, good HOA management knows better. Chances are, if you’ve hired property management services to work with your neighborhood, they’ll be hard at work landscaping, planning, and checking over community amenities to make sure the snow and cold haven’t done too much damage. It’s a multifaceted and demanding job, but somebody has to do it, and with the help of accounting property management and online property management from a reputable company like Gassen, your board and HOA management company can tackle anything spring maintenance throws at them.

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Are You the Victim of Poor Property Management Services?

When it comes to property management services, good HOA management can be hard to spot without the proper industry-related context. In other words, if you don’t have a knowledge of what’s considered normal in the industry and what isn’t, you might not know when your property management services are going above and beyond. Unfortunately, this line of thinking also applies to poor property management services. If you don’t know how your online property management or accounting property management services should be behaving, you might let a lot of unacceptable behaviors slide.

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