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How to Make Living in Your HOA Affordable

HOAs are known for promoting a high standard of living, but with this comes the unfortunate stereotype of being way too unaffordable. It’s necessary for HO management to collect dues, of course – how else would amazing amenities and a stress-free lifestyle be paid for?

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How to Deal With Snow and Ice in Your HOA Neighborhood

Residents moved in for a stress-free, higher standard of living, and while it’s probably outside the realms of reality to have a completely snow-free neighborhood, the very least you can do is manage the stuff. Slick sidewalks create the potential for injury, and slippery streets mean your residents will struggle to get to work in the morning. Neither of those are conducive to high satisfaction levels – and that’s just the start of the havoc an untamed winter will wreak!

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Four Essential Conflict-Resolution Skills for Board Members

We don’t mean to imply working as a board member is all conflict and no reward, of course. As providers of property management services, we at Gassen know firsthand how beneficial and fulfilling HOAs can be! We simply acknowledge that, upon occasion, a new board member may find themselves unprepared for the amount of deft negotiating that their position requires.

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Does Hiring Property Management Services Hurt a Board’s Reputation?

The board is the hub of HOA management. From hosting community events to managing amenities, this group of volunteers sure does a lot to keep collective neighborhood standards of living high. They should be respected by the communities that they serve! Without the tireless work of your team, things would be falling apart around here.

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