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Why Work With the Preferred Vendors of your HOA Management Company?

If you’ve perused any HOA management company’s website whatsoever, you’ll probably have noticed a list of “preferred vendors.” On said list, you’ll find contractors of all sorts, from attorneys to waterproofing services. If you’re not a part of a provider of property management services company, you might be a little confused. What’s with this list? Why do seemingly all property management services providers have it?

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3 Ways to Get More Involved in Your HOA

Are you a part of your community’s HOA management and are looking to get to know your community better? Or, in contrast, are you a resident of an HOA neighborhood who disagrees with some of the policies and wants to find out how to change them? Are you maybe a little bit of both?

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3 Resources to Help New Board Members Succeed

Are you a newbie on your HOA management team? From us sincerely at Gassen: Welcome! We’re glad you’ve chosen to serve your community and we commend you on your selflessness. Get ready to dive into the world of HOA management with the support of your board comrades behind you.

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3 Benefits of Putting Out an HOA Newsletter

Newsletters—who reads them? If you’re like many of us, you subscribe to any number of the things with the full intent of keeping up with the corresponding organization. However, the minute they land in your inbox, you just pass over them. Perhaps you even receive mail from organizations or stores that you never remember even asking to hear from!

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