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Gassen... Accurate and Detailed Accounting to Help Guide the HOA Management

At Gassen, we believe that one of the keys to a successful homeowner's association is having an accurate accounting system in place to help guide the HOA management.  There can be difficult and unanswered questions to cover when a new board takes office.  We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately manage accounting and help to keep each HOA accountable for their own earnings and decisions.  Below, is a testament from Robert, an HOA board President.  

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Renovations You Can Make to Increase the Rental Price of Your Home

Making renovations to a rental property can be tricky. You don't want to over improve the property. This may cause you to spend more money than you will ever get back in rent. However, making the right improvements can help to increase the rental price of a home. Here are a few improvements that can help you to increase the monthly rent on a rental home.

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How to Recognize Poor Property Management

Real estate may be one of your largest investments. It makes sense then that you would want to hire a top notch property management company to manage those real estate investments. A good property manager protects your investments, while a bad property manager can actually wreak havoc on your investments and actually cause you to lose money. Here are some ways to recognize poor property management. 

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3 Steps to Develop a Property Portfolio

It's surprising how much time many people will spend on searching and buying a new car and how little time they will spend on seeking out and buying a property for investment purposes. This seems to be true for many, despite the fact that an investment property can result in 20 to 30 times more value than the car! With this impressive statistic in mind, it's important to take your time in developing a quality property portfolio. There are many steps that need to be taken when you consider adding a new property to your property portfolio. Missing one of these critical steps could negatively affect your portfolio's financial success. 

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