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4 Unexpected Benefits of an Experienced Homeowners Association

Not every HOA is created equal: Some are new organizations presiding over new condos without much experience in managing property or people. Others have been around for many decades and have failed to keep up with the times and technology. The goal is to find a great homeowners association with both experience and innovation, because when an HOA knows what it's doing you get even more benefits – like these:

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Important Homeowner Advantages to Using an Online Homeowners Association

HOAs have changed significantly in the past decade: One of the most significant changes for owners and tenants has been not in how property is managed, but in how far technology has come. Today it's not enough for a homeowners association to have a basic web page with contact information. A truly "online" HOA offers a rich variety of tools and features to make life better for you. With Gassen, you have access to digital advantages like these:

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The 5 Signs of a Great Condo Development

What do you look for in a condo? Because condominiums tend to be both larger and more complex than apartment housing, picking a condo can prove more challenging. You can't just look at pretty photos and brochures – you need to know what a great condo project looks like on the ground. Here are the signs to watch for.

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Managing Property Portfolios: Simple Tips & Tricks

Building a property portfolio is one thing, but managing the property portfolio can be a completely different story. Thankfully, we're going to cover property portfolios and how to manage them properly (without the headaches that come with property ownership). With this being said, here's a look at managing property portfolios.

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