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Ideal Spring Plants for HOA Landscaping

By this time of the year, the soil has most likely defrosted—though, in Minnesota, this can still be up in the air right about now! However, if the ground has thawed, it’s time for spring landscaping. HOA management groups everywhere are busy putting into action plans that have been months in development while raking away the detritus of winter and welcoming spring with fresh pops of green. Indeed, the board that takes spring landscaping seriously is bound to have a happy community on their hands.

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Summertime Landscaping Guidance for Your HOA

Whether you hire a contractor or make it a volunteer affair, summertime landscaping should always be a priority for your HOA. Colorful flowers and manicured lawns make property values soar—not to mention leave the air smelling fresh and sweet.

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Preparing for Late Spring Landscaping

It’s official—Minnesota has made an executive decision to hold off on spring this year. But look on the bright side: now you have more time to make landscaping preparations for the season! If you’re in the business of online property management or real estate management, planning out exactly what you’re going to do both gives you a sense of accomplishment and, well, ensures that it actually gets done. Gassen is here to give you some reminders of what to do to prepare your Homeowners Association (HOA) for late spring landscaping.

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