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How to Help Your Residents Learn New Online Property Management Technology

Technology doesn’t come naturally to everybody! As much as it can improve lives and make difficult things easy, it also can render complicated things that used to be simple and create headaches where once none existed. This line of thinking applies to tech of all sorts, of course, but it applies doubly to online property management services. Residents need a straightforward way to pay their HOA dues, and HOA management needs a simple way to collect them. Both parties also need an easy way to keep in contact with community events. While great technology can facilitate these, it’s worse than useless if nobody understands how it works!

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Are You the Victim of Poor Property Management Services?

When it comes to property management services, good HOA management can be hard to spot without the proper industry-related context. In other words, if you don’t have a knowledge of what’s considered normal in the industry and what isn’t, you might not know when your property management services are going above and beyond. Unfortunately, this line of thinking also applies to poor property management services. If you don’t know how your online property management or accounting property management services should be behaving, you might let a lot of unacceptable behaviors slide.

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8 Pitfalls a Property Management Company Can Help You Avoid

Do you own a condo, apartment, or residential property in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, or Twin Cities? If so, you don’t want to keep paying for it after you own it. Gassen provides trusted and experienced local property management service, that help property owners avoid business pitfalls. Below are eight property pitfalls that you can avoid by using our products and services.

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How to Prepare for Landscaping This Spring

Professional landscapers and property owners know that the time for planning for spring landscaping is now. Planning includes several elements such as creating a concept or design or your property, scheduling and hiring the right company to do the work, putting together a budget, and possibly even getting ideas and feedback from your HOA. While it’s tempting to do all of this yourself, you should hire a professional property management company to do the work for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Below are some tips on how to get started preparing for your spring landscaping now.

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Properties for Winter

Winters in Minneapolis, MN can be brutal. They are especially hard on homes, condos, and apartments. If you own real estate in this part of the country, then here are seven quick tips on how to prepare your properties for the cold season.

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8 Ways Our Online Service Benefits Your Property Management Process

At Gassen, our mission is simple. We are dedicated to giving you the right tools and resources that will simplify your HOA management process while making it far more effective. Below are eight ways that our online service benefits you:

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Why You Need a Strong HOA Management Provider

Homeowner association management services aren’t difficult to come by, but some providers certainly offer superior options. HOA services, at times, can be riddled with needless tasks. To make sure your accounting options, online services and property portfolio are in check, take charge with an HOA management provider’s best options.

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5 Tips for HOA's to Improve Resident Satisfaction

Tenant satisfaction is a critical factor in a host of HOA management concerns. The following tips can help your HOA develop a solid community that is responsive to concerns and attractive to quality residents. 

Provide Amenities – Balancing the cost and benefits of resident amenities is challenging for any HOA, but they are critical to attracting the best residents and keeping them satisfied. Consider the needs of your community and what kind of residents you want, then provide incentives that appeal to ideal neighbors. Some examples include complimentary dog walking, on-site daycare, or a community garden. If your HOA has a community center, use it! Offer cooking classes, workshops, and other community-building activities

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