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Our Preferred Vendor List: Why You Should Use Them

At Gassen, we pride ourselves in being able to partner with some of the most reputable and skilled vendors anywhere in Minneapolis metro area as well as Central and Southeast Minnesota. We carefully choose the right companies for the right job in order to pass that quality onto you, our client. No matter what type of work you’ve done inside or outside, you can count on the vendors on our list to perform it to your exact specifications.

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How to Attract New Homeowners to Join Your HOA

Growing and maintaining a healthy homeowner’s association requires a lot of energy and effort. This is especially true when trying to attract new homeowners just moving into the area. If you are struggling to grow your HOA, then below are our tips for adding new members and attracting new homeowners.

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The Invisible Aspects of Property Management

Some of the aspects of property management are quite visible. You can notice them in manicured green space and well-maintained properties. You can see them in clean, refreshing pools and tidy streets or common areas. Other, perhaps even more important aspects of property management, are invisible. These are the parts of an excellent property management team that you may not notice when they are performed well, but can be problematic when not taken care of properly. At Gassen, we pride ourselves on expertly handling all aspects of property management, including the invisible ones.

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The Importance of Responsiveness in Property Management

There are many aspects to consider when selecting a property manager for either an investment property or a Homeowners Association. You'll want to know that a property manager has the experience and capabilities to manage your particular property portfolio. You will want to make sure they'll keep you compliant with accounting and state regulations. It is extremely helpful if they are a local management company. But you'll also want to ensure that any HOA management and property management you choose has another critical, sometimes overlooked quality. You want to make sure they are responsive. Responsiveness is an indication or work ethic, attention to detail and customer service.

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Hiring A Property Management Firm Instead of Managing Property Yourself

Many people attempt to manage their properties themselves. This holds true whether you're talking about property owners of homeowner's associations. However, this is not a good idea in the long run. Hiring a professional property management firm will help you save in the long run, both with regards to money and time. Property management companies have the skills and experience to manage properties more efficiently and effectively. The biggest benefits of hiring a property management company include having the company manage maintenance needs, process paperwork, and take care of taxes. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a property management company, read on.

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Gassen's Property Management Can Save You Valuable Time

A good property management company can save their clients a great deal of valuable time, and Gassen is the best in the Twin Cities area. Gassen has always put a high priority on establishing a relationship with our clients. This approach, combined with our commitment to saving our customers time and stress, has helped main a healthy and happy relationship with a variety of clients over the years. Working with Gassen has it’s many perks, check them out below:

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4 Tips to Improve Your Property Portfolio

Real estate success is often tied up in instincts: do you know why neighborhoods thrive while others fall apart? Anyone who knows the market knows the reasons aren't as obvious as you would think. But that doesn't mean improving your portfolio is a fool's errand, so use these four tips if yours isn't quite where you want it to be.

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A Better Reality in Reality

Gassen offers outstanding homeowner association management, property management and real estate solutions to its clients. Supplying homeowners with a slew of options, maintenance contractor services and building contractor services, Gassen is one of today’s leading local management solution groups.

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Efficiency in the Modern Property Management World

The property management field is becoming increasingly complex. More than ever, homeowner association management tools for townhomes, condos, cooperatives and common interest communities are thriving. Gassen takes on the invisible tasks so you don’t have to, handling the many immense undertakings required to make your business thrive.

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Increasing Your Bottom Line with Better Property Management

Most people see owning property as an investment, but that doesn't mean that they're aware of all the responsibilities that come with maintaining it all. Without excellent property management though, it's inevitable that profits will start to slip through owner's hands. 

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