Gassen provides the tools and resources to help you become a successful board member of your local HOA. Regardless of what your role is or what you are in charge of, we can take your leadership and your HOA to the next the level.



If no one on your board is trained or equipped to handle the accounting, we can provide you with support from our accounting specialists. We can guide through the process of documentation, keeping receipts, proper communication, taxes, and creating accurate reports. We can customize your accounting to suit your specific needs. We also provide training when necessary so that you are never in the dark with your HOA’s business.


We Connect You with the Right Professionals

Every day, board members across the Twin Cities utilize our preferred vendor list to complete a wide range of contracting jobs. This way all the jobs you have lined up will be properly performed by seasoned professionals. They can ensure that you receive the highest quality of work while helping your property meet or exceed city and state codes. We stand behind our list of partners and recommend that you use them anytime.


Reserve Studies: Preparing for the Future

Do you want to establish respect with your HOA members? Then show them that you are looking out for them by creating a reserve study. Whether you own apartments, condos, or are running an association, a reserve study helps you set aside money for the future. By reserving funds, you can meet the demands of foreseeable costs and have enough saved up to take care of them. Our reserve studies go over all of your expenses in detail. We then formulate a strategy to prepare for the future.


Retrieve Documents

One of our greatest resources for HOA board members is our document retrieval portal. You can go online to our website, click the ‘get documents’ link and find all types of documents that help you conduct business. No matter what type of form or document you need, we can help you retrieve it. We want to provide you with all the resources necessary to keep your board operating smoothly.


Gassen Services Can Take Your HOA Board to the Next Level

At Gassen, we are dedicated to providing all HOA board members with a comprehensive package of tools and resources. We want to partner with you on several levels to ensure your success. If you are looking for a company that can help you manage your HOA or property, the call us today at 952-922-5575. We provide a wide array of services for commercial properties in the Twin Cities and the surrounding Minnesota area.