Growing and maintaining a healthy homeowner’s association requires a lot of energy and effort. This is especially true when trying to attract new homeowners just moving into the area. If you are struggling to grow your HOA, then below are our tips for adding new members and attracting new homeowners.


Attract and Keep Good Board Members

Good leaders always attract people to their organization. A solid HOA board member provides security and direction as well as creates an inspiring vision for all members to follow. If your HOA lacks this type of high-caliber leadership, then there’s a good chance that the organization will not last. Gassen HOA Management provides a wide array of resources to help board members become more effective.


Give New Homeowners a Reason to Come to the Meetings

One of the most difficult tasks in an HOA is to muster strong attendance at regularly scheduled meetings. By employing a few key strategies, however, you may just find that filling up the room once the meeting begins is quite attainable. Here are few quick tips:


Provide refreshments. While the occasional BBQ or potluck may excite the HOA members, just providing a few simple refreshments and a cold beverage can do the trick.


What’s on the Agenda? If you provide an interesting agenda that is well organized and creatively designed, then you’ll create a good reason for the members to stop by after work.


Keep meeting short. The best way to attract a loyal HOA base is by respecting each member’s time. Ideally, meeting times should be 60-90 minutes in length.


Advance notice. Give new homeowners plenty of notice before the next meeting. Allow them to settle in.


Personal Invitations Go a Long Way

Even in 2017, a personal touch still matters. Once the new family is settled in and acclimated to the neighborhood, then it’s time to reach out. If you have an upcoming family-friendly event, then personally invite the new family to attend. You may want to start light with a newsletter or announcement followed by a quick follow up visit to the home. People respond much better when there is a personal connection. Keep your visit brief and be as friendly as possible.


Ask for Volunteers

Neighbors love to help other neighbors! After the new family has been to a couple of fun events, now is the time to ask them to roll up their sleeves and help out. If you have a fundraiser, a neighborhood work day, or are trying to help an elderly couple in the neighborhood, then don’t be afraid to ask the new family to help out. Homeowners are more likely to join and remain loyal to an HOA if they’re personally invested time, resources, and talents to community outreach projects.


Need More Tips? Then Ask Gassen

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