If you are looking to hire a condominium association management company to assist you in your role as a member of your Association’s Board of Directors, it is important that the roles and responsibilities of each are clearly defined.  Having these duties defined can help you avoid gaps in communication and expectations, and it can help reduce issues that stem from being unsure of who’s “job” it is to take care of a particular problem. In general, condo association management companies take on three main roles: communicator, operations manager, and finance manager.


As a communicator, condominium association management companies act as the mediator between the residents of the condos and the board of directors. While the association management company doesn’t make the decisions, they do present items to the board for approval, assuring that both the voice of the general community and the condominium board are heard. It also assures that residents have a clear path of communication to express comments and resolve issues.


In the role of the operations manager, condominium association management companies do all the day-to-day tasks so that owners don’t have to. The management company is not a member of the board, and therefore takes direction from the Board of Directors.


Finally, your management company acts as your financial manager. From the budget to the taxes, a great management company will assure that the community and the board stays within their budgets and remains compliant with local and federal tax law. The management company also processes any fees, fines, or payments that may be associated with the condo.


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