Property management companies must be detail-oriented, focusing on even the most minute of tasks with an eye for detail. Your property management company should have a repertoire of resources for maintaining the beauty and functionality of the building’s components. A great property management company manages every aspect of a homeowner association, from the physical structure to the finances, assuring that each component functions properly and efficiently.


You should also see a demonstration of professionalism from your management company. A property management company that is too casual with you is likely to bring that personality to the table while dealing with homeowner and association matters This level of professionalism should extend to all homeowners, vendors and contractors, maintaining confidence, trust and dependability amongst all parties involved in the management of your association.

Property management companies such as Gassen demonstrate all of these standards, along with extensive knowledge of and experience in the association management industry. Gassen Management goes above and beyond with services such as a guaranteed 12 minute emergency response time and on-site client support center. Gassen specializes in working with homeowner associations in the Twin Cities area. If you’re ready to build a lasting partnership with a property management company, Gassen Management can assist with all your association’s needs, creating a relationship that is transparent, responsive, and educational.