Property management companies work with your Association’s Board of Directors to assure that all aspects of the Association run smoothly and the homeowners’ needs are met. Property managers wear many hats, but their role can be briefly summarized into three categories: ongoing physical management, financial management, and value-added services.


The first, ongoing physical management, is the management of all elements required to maintain the physical structures of the association. This would include services such as contract negotiation with vendors and emergency services. If your Association has on-site staff, they are supervised by your property manager, ensuring they are well-trained and ready to handle issues that may arise at the property. Ongoing management also includes property inspections, communication with the Board regarding rules violations, delinquencies, projects, and maintenance of the website, where homeowners can access important information.

Financial management is made easier at Gassen with our on-site CPA, who can help with balancing the monthly financial statements, creating the annual budget, and collection of homeowner association dues. We have procedures in place to track delinquencies. Your tax-time woes are over, as Gassen also assists your Association’s accountant with the annual review, audit, and tax preparation.


Last, and certainly not least, are the value-added services. These are services not necessarily required of property management companies but are some of the valuable services you can expect to receive from Gassen Management.  Those services include an in-house client support center, financial seminars, a certified CPA on staff, and real estate services. We also offer board training and orientations for new board members. We have a large network of contractors and vendors on our Preferred Vendor List, all of whom can help your Association run smoothly.


At Gassen, we offer more than your average property management company. With nearly 50 years of serving the Twin Cities, we are experts at ensuring that each of Association clients are completely satisfied. In fact, we’re so confident in our services that if you’re not completely satisfied within the first year, we will release you from your contract.