Following my father's death, I inherited his home. I have my own home where my family lives, so I did not want to move into his house. However, the home has so much sentimental value to me, I could not imagine parting ways with it either. After talking with my wife, we decided that we would fix it up and rent it out, allowing another family to grow there, but also allowing us the opportunity to keep the home in our family.


I spent a lot of time painting and preparing the house for a rented. When I was done, I was excited to put the home up for rent. However, it was a couple of weeks later when I realized just how naive I had been in my plan. I got a few calls to view the home, but they wanted to view it at times that did not work for me. Interest waned, and I was sitting with an empty house that I had just invested a lot of money into.


I decided to call a property management company. After doing my research, I went with Gassen Property Management Services in Eden Prairie, MN. They had great reviews. I picked up the phone and gave them a call. Within 24 hours, someone had called me back, and I had a meeting to discuss my property management needs.


I went to their office a few days later and we drew up a contract. They promised me they could get the rental home rented quickly, and for more money than I was originally asking. I was a bit skeptical, but my hands were tied at this point, so I went with it.


Less than a week later, they called to tell me that they found me a well-qualified tenant at the higher rate. I was shocked but happy. Things are going amazingly well. The tenant pays on time, the house is in perfect condition, and I just sit back and collect rent, all while Gassen Property Management Services handles everything else for me. It is perfect.


If you are in need of property management services in the greater Twin Cities area, I cannot recommend Gassen Property Management Services enough. They have helped me ensure that my rental property is rented and pulls in a profit and I know they can help you. Give them a call today to get started.