Whether you're moving because of a job transfer, to be closer to aging family members or you simply want to move to a climate with less severe winters, you don't have to give up a choice home and piece of property when you do so. You can rent out your home even when you live out of state. Doing so allows you to keep a favorite place in the family while also bringing in a regular monthly income for yourself. Here's why you should turn to us at Gassen to handle things when you move away:


1.     We Find Tenants For You
Finding the right tenants is the key to making property ownership worth it. The wrong tenants can be a drain on your finances and resources, leaving you short of money. You might even need to shell out additional funds to have them removed. At Gassen, we have a systematic method of finding the best tenants that meet all compliances with applicable laws and regulations. From background and credit checks to references from former landlords, we complete all the necessary legwork to match your home up with the perfect tenant.

2.     We Take Care of Problems
In spite of anyone's best efforts, sometimes a tenant simply doesn't work out. In this case, getting an unwilling tenant out of your home can involve lots of on-site time and expense. Gassen is well versed in the procedures that must be followed to stay within the law. In addition, we have a systematic method of addressing tenants that must be evicted. We can help you take care of any issues that may arise while you are renting out a space from another state.

3.     We Will Watch Your Property
Many renters have the perception that if their landlord is out of state, there is less oversight of the property. This might mean that they will think that their maintenance concerns won't be addressed in a timely manner. It could also result in tenants thinking they can get away with more because you aren't around to perform regular checks and inspections. Gassen can be your eyes and ears while you're going about your daily life. With regular updates on your property, you'll never feel out of the loop even as you are assured that everything is taken care of as you expect it to be.


At Gassen, we strive to make being a landlord smooth and profitable for you. Even if you live out of state, you can count on Gassen to take care of all your property management needs. To learn more about what services we can offer you visit us online or give us a call at 952-922-5575.