When you buy a property, you likely have every intention of making that property your own. But unless you're planning to quit your job and devote yourself completely to screening tenants, responding to requests, and handling your finances, you may realize that you're in over your head fairly quickly. Learn more about how local management like Gassen can increase your property portfolio faster than you think.


1.     Faster Response Times
When an oven breaks or a toilet becomes clogged, sometimes it's just not possible to make it to the property as quickly as a tenant would like. To them, this is not an issue that can wait a few days, even if there's a lot going on in your life at the time. With Gassen, you can get local property management to ensure the work gets done. It's often not enough to just have a steady plumber or handyman, you need someone on the site who can handle the rest of the details too.

2.     Better Screening
There are many red flags when it comes to tenants that often aren't especially obvious. When it comes to combing through dozens or even hundreds of applications, you need someone who understands what someone's paperwork really says about their reliability and character. At Gassen we have a proven screening strategy that helps us select the best tenants for your properties.

3.     Less Turnover
The more turnover you have amongst residents, the more you pay. It also makes more work for everyone. If you have quality tenants who appreciate their surroundings, they're likely to stay. Gassen can be the missing ingredient to keep the tenants you want the most on your premises.

4.     Timely Rent
Nothing is worse than having to confront a resident about their rent. It can make the relationship awkward, and it can blur the line of propriety. Local property management is as dedicated to ensuring that rent comes in on time as you are, and they have the people skills and the experience to enforce the policies without alienating people from the property. If the situation happens to get pushed too far (such as to the point of eviction), then a property management can also handle that situation with grace.

5.     More Free Time
Property is the gift that keeps on giving. Find a company who can give you the means to concentrate on making more on your investment. Gassen can provide you with the time and leisure to focus on other aspects of your investments!


If you're hoping to make real estate your sole source of income, call Gassen today to discover just how freeing it can be to let our company take over. We provide services rental, management, accounting, and a variety of other services to help you own a property with leisure.