The temperatures are on fire in the summer of 2017 — both outside and in the housing industry. The median home price across the country is now above $250,000, and the shortage of available property is driving people to act quickly. There were 11% fewer homes available in May compared to the previous May. If you are in the market to own or acquire a property that will require an HOA check out how Gassen can make your life easier by providing you an easy summer in the real estate market.


Competition Rising

The current numbers point to one of the most competitive seasons the country has seen in decades. One of every three homes on the market will be off the market in less than 30 days. The median is right around 60 days or so, which is still a vast improvement from what the country has seen lately. While some people are getting priced out of certain neighborhoods, there's every reason to believe the high level of interest will continue to push the market in the right direction.


HOA Management

With a new purchase of a development, condo or townhome complex comes added work for you. This may be one of you and/or your company's biggest purchases of the year, and managing this new HOA can be a big task to accomplish. Staying organized and managing a new establishment is what Gasson companies does best.


The Gassen Difference

At Gassen, we pride ourselves on investing time, technology, and personal attention to your HOA property. Managing an HOA isn’t a part time job, we will be there every step of the way providing excellent customer care to you and your residents. We address emergency calls, maintenance concerns, and regularly monitor your property to provide your residents with a well-maintained and safe place to call home.


Property management can be a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to keep their investment profitable. Gassen provides maintenance, management, and even construction for your property. We make it our mission to keep your tenants happy, and your property in top-notch condition. Call us today at 952-922-5575 or visit us online to find out more!