Whether you are a real estate and rental company or a single property owner, the investment in property management and accounting services makes solid financial sense. There are many benefits to having this type of management service in place. It can reduce the amount of time you spend handling tenant contracts or managing maintenance tasks. Yet, there’s another benefit. It can actually improve your accounting accuracy.


Why Numbers Matter to Property Owners

You know the amount of money coming in from your property. You most certainly recognize when you have to write a check to handle a repair or upgrade. With that thought, you may wonder how your accounting could be wrong or not transparent. However, accurate accounting not only ensures good records, but it presents some key opportunities for your property portfolio. Take a look:


  • Learn the profit and loss of your business at any given time. Are you making money? If not, why not? When it comes to profit and loss statements, the only way they can accurately reflect your business is if and when they are created thoroughly.
  • Tax preparation is far easier (and more affordable in most cases) when you have solid records in place. It makes it possible for you to track all possible deductions that reduce your tax liability significantly. And, it helps you to maintain accurate records for taxation throughout the year, freeing up your time to tackle other needs.
  • You can see the investment potential of any decision you make. When you have accurate accounting, you can learn how profitable a property will be for you over the coming months and years. The information from these records can shed light on your long-term goals for that portfolio. Should you invest in the same type of property? What are key costs hurting your profit margin?


Every property owner has the need for financial information but many don’t have the time to invest in managing the complex calculations on their own. Your time is valuable. With local management of your accounting and online services available to make this easier for you, you don’t have to remain in the dark any longer.


Gassen offers the local management and online services companies need to gain more control and improve overall financial stability. With the accounting and management services available from Gassen, any company can see improvements in their financials.  As a trusted HOA management company serving Eden Prairie, Minnesota, property owners can easily find the solutions to their challenges with a simple phone call to Gassen at 952-922-5575.


For those with any size property portfolio, the investment in property management services simply makes financial sense. It saves you time, frees up your assets, and gives you an outstanding level of clarity into the profitability (or losses) your property is creating for you. It can give you the insight into how to make changes to the way you manage your property to increase your bottom line.