Gassen Company was recently named one of the top Minnesota property management firms on a list published by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. Gassen Company topped the list for property management companies with headquarters in Minnesota. In addition to being the top-rated property management firm with Minnesota roots, Gassen’s local presence brings many benefits to Homeowner Associations.

When a Homeowner Association searches for a management company to manage their condos, townhomes, or common interest communities, they may want to consider what sets apart a particular firm from the others in the industry.  Gassen Company offers a guaranteed 12 minute response time for all emergencies, we are first to market with a “live chat” feature on our website, our client support center is in-house, we educate our clients with complimentary Board training and Town Hall Forums, to name a few.


Gassen Company partners with the best plumbers, electricians, lawn and snow vendors, and many other local vendors, including local financial institutions.  Should an Association or a Homeowner experience difficulty with their association account or individual account, the local financial institutions are perhaps much more accessible than an institution headquartered across the country or across the border.  Building and maintaining these local connections, face-to-face, cannot be duplicated by a phone call or an email.


When an Association chooses to partner with a local management company, that Association is choosing to keep money in their own community. Instead of paying a company in another state or country, clients pay a local business that uses the money to pay their local employees and local contractors. All parties are likely to spend the money locally, helping build the state’s economy.


There are local laws specific to various aspects of owning and managing a property. A local company is well aware of those laws and puts them to use when completing renovations, conducting repairs, dealing with government agencies, and the like.


Contracting with a management company that is headquartered out of state or out of the country may lead to many frustrations.  With larger property management firms that handle a nationwide clientele, reporting an issue or asking a question usually involves a complicated phone tree and long hold times.  Gassen Company alleviates those frustrations with an in-house client support center and live chat on our website.  With a local company, homeowner clients are more likely to be working with a property manager that specializes in nearby properties, versus reaching out to representatives across the country to manage their communities. Homeowners will have a much easier time getting help if they can reach someone without encountering multiple obstacles.

When choosing a property management company, there are many benefits to keeping it local. With a top-ranked, Minnesota headquartered property management firm like Gassen Company in your area, you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing you’re working with the best.