Some of the aspects of property management are quite visible. You can notice them in manicured green space and well-maintained properties. You can see them in clean, refreshing pools and tidy streets or common areas. Other, perhaps even more important aspects of property management, are invisible. These are the parts of an excellent property management team that you may not notice when they are performed well, but can be problematic when not taken care of properly. At Gassen, we pride ourselves on expertly handling all aspects of property management, including the invisible ones.


A Custom Management Fit for the Culture of Your Community

Every property in the Gassen portfolio has a management plan designed specifically for their association. It starts by getting to know you on a personal level. During the first 60 days of our partnership, one of our Directors will work directly with you and your Board. Once we know you and your community, we’ll select a property manager based on the personality of your board.


Relationships Built on Trust

When managing for an HOA, fixing a broken pipe may be more visible, but fixing hard feelings or broken relationships may be more important. We understand the value of personal relationships in management and work to bring all parties together for the mutual good of the community.


The Value of Being Home-Grown

It may be intangible, but there is terrific value in working with a management company that understands life in Minnesota. We are a company who knows how to keep grass cut during our wet springs and how to keep sidewalks clean during our long winters. We also work with local vendors, suppliers, and banks. Being local makes us more accessible as well.



One critical aspect of superior property management is excellent communication, responsiveness, and attentiveness. You can't see these qualities in brochure or in a video presentation, but they will greatly affect the quality of life in your community. At Gassen, we use a combination of technology and personal service to keep information flowing to and from your Board, through our team and to and from residents. From up-to-date minutes of board meetings to accurate financials to social event notices, we make sure information is seamlessly communicated to all concerned.


When choosing a property management company for your Minnesota community or HOA, consider the invisible aspects carefully. We invite you to learn more about Gassen by contacting us today.