There are many aspects to consider when selecting a property manager for either an investment property or a Homeowners Association. You'll want to know that a property manager has the experience and capabilities to manage your particular property portfolio. You will want to make sure they'll keep you compliant with accounting and state regulations. It is extremely helpful if they are a local management company. But you'll also want to ensure that any HOA management and property management you choose has another critical, sometimes overlooked quality. You want to make sure they are responsive. Responsiveness is an indication or work ethic, attention to detail and customer service.


Serving Two Masters

The reason responsiveness is so vital in selecting a property manager is that property managers really serve two masters. They must be able to properly take care of the needs and wishes of the board while also providing responsive service to the property owners and/or tenants. A failure in communication or responsiveness to either party can lead to issues, sometimes significant ones. It may even cause friction between the parties.

The reality is, while the association may “hire” the property manager, the association exists to serve the good of the community. If either partner is not served responsively, it will likely lead to problems.


How Technology Helps Responsiveness

Technology in property management can streamline many management processes and improve communications and responsiveness. At Gassen, for example, our online services are used to:

●        Announce association “happenings”

●        Collect assessment payments and fees

●        Collect resident information and requests

●        Distribute critical documents and information

●        Optimize the use of volunteer time and resources

●        Provide educational content for rules and procedures

●        Support resident self-service and provide access to information

●        Target and send both individual and group emails and mailings


While all of these are valuable, it still takes a commitment to be responsive for each inquiry, question, concern and task requested by both the association and its members. That is a commitment we willingly take on at Gassen. We take pride in making a discernible difference in the property management field—specifically, Minnesota homeowner association management for condos, townhomes, common interest communities, and cooperatives. Get the attention to detail your deserve. To learn more about our responsive property management services at Gassen, please contact us.