Real estate success is often tied up in instincts: do you know why neighborhoods thrive while others fall apart? Anyone who knows the market knows the reasons aren't as obvious as you would think. But that doesn't mean improving your portfolio is a fool's errand, so use these four tips if yours isn't quite where you want it to be.


Practice More Action and Reaction

Finding the right buildings and lands for you is all about timing, and everyone usually needs some help in this regard. Some make choices so quickly, convinced they know it's right without doing research or convinced they'll never buy if they don't buy right now. Some take too long, letting all the potential properties pass them by before finally making a decision. By setting timelines and guidelines before you sign on the dotted line, you have a better chance of choosing properties that net you more cash.


Look Around

Your best bet is to look for neighborhoods that are on their way up, and the best way to do that is to spend time in the area — sometimes a lot of time. Start cruising around neighborhoods you're thinking of investing in, and take down notes about safety, people, and the amenities. At the very least, do your reading and know your stats. You should have a clear idea of the challenges and rewards of investing in one place over another.


Use Your Equity Wisely

If you already own property, you can use that collateral to buy more property. This is typically the quickest way to build up your portfolio and allows you to expand your influence across different facilities. The more facilities you have, the more your passive and disposable income increases, and the more investors you should be able to attract. By letting the equity languish until you sell, you can significantly weaken your property portfolio.


Tend to Your Properties

The better property management you have, the more likely it is your holdings will continue to go up in value. It's an investment that truly keeps on giving both when it comes to the strength of your portfolio and the numbers of your bank account. Gassen has the skills to perform local and HOA management to the degree property owners need to satisfy their tenants and future buyers, regardless of how much property they're looking to acquire.