If you’re looking for comprehensive homeowner management solutions, administrative options and some of Minnesota’s finest options, Gassen Company has what you’re looking for. Its professional relationships are prioritized, so you’re able to evade the regular hoops many associations are forced to jump through.


Background and History


Gassen is reliable, by and large, due to its incredible history in the area. It began servicing Minnesota real estate, property management and individual industry impactors in 1969. Gassen has been in the game for four decades, honing its strategies to circumnavigate many of today’s leading real estate stresses.


Gassen has made large strides in the property management field, particularly in the homeowner association management of townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives and common interest communities.


The Pros: Unique Property Management


Gassen, unlike other leading alternatives, truly gives property management teams full reign over their investments while assisting at the bottom level. As a provider, you’ve likely met the many challenges created by individuals. Gassen doesn’t use typical service templates. It doesn’t use guesswork to solve problems. It uses an in-depth analysis of location, history, financial projections, resident profiles and useful insights.


Gassen Services


Gassen’s services are wide and varied. Again, much of its direction is centric to client freedom. Clients are given the full access, responsiveness and communication needed to conduct property management projects while benefiting from Gassen’s touch.


Gassen offers a healthy inventory of rental and real estate options and services. It backs each of its units independently, securing your investment. Gassen’s management solutions are similarly powerful. Let Gassen address, study, answer and anticipate your association’s day-to-day administrative tasks. In today’s world, few service providers succeed in this area.


Because Gassen takes the time to study your property, it offers unrivaled maintenance and construction opportunities. Gassen is an incredibly skilled general contractor, and it can service your property’s roofing, concrete, exterior and interior. It’s well-versed in the insurance market’s needs, giving it incredible control over financial solutions.


The Verdict


From online services to accounting solutions, Gassen promises some of the industry’s finest options. If you need property portfolio management, office task completion, in-depth property maintenance options or even financial assistance, Gassen should be your go-to selection. Talk to Gassen providers today, and take pride in the property management field. By reducing the administrative clutter, you’re free to make important changes, strategize your business and achieve great success.