Certain industries and professionals use the web for practically everything while others find it frustrating to navigate the different programs. If you're a property manager though, you're missing out on a big opportunity if you're not looking to the computer as a source of help to rent your property. 


Online Application Process 

Renting is as much about screening as it is about appointment setting. Having would-be renters complete their information online means you'll be able to run background tests and credit checks to vet who will have access to your property. It also guarantees you'll get paid for any application fees, and you won't have to remind people about their obligations. Both you and the renters will have a chance to peruse and study everything on your own time, and neither one of you has to feel pressured. 


Communication Perks 

When you're renting out a property, it's handy to tell prospective tenants that they can pay their bills, request repairs, and voice complaints from one easy-to-use portal. Any events (e.g., social, maintenance, emergencies) can be updated on a regular basis so clients have a chance to alter their schedules based on as much advanced notice as possible. Documents can be distributed or collected, and you can assure any policy changes are both viewed and agreed upon by everyone on your property. When you lay out this type of comprehensive communication to a hopeful renter, they're much more likely to take action when starting the application process. 


Handy References

Each person who comes to see your property is looking for different things, but convenience is always going to be high on the list of priorities. When you're able to organize all the information and steps to renting, people have a chance to read up on rules and answer their own questions. It saves you time, and it puts them in the driver's seat. You can also organize worker's and volunteer's schedules, and provide a hub that can be accessed at any time of day. This can lead to better quality tenants and less confusion. 


Gassen provides these online services and much more, and we've seen first-hand just how much time it saves both parties. It's our goal to give property owners support wherever they can get it, whether it's in the form of virtual or physical help.