The property management field is becoming increasingly complex. More than ever, homeowner association management tools for townhomes, condos, cooperatives and common interest communities are thriving. Gassen takes on the invisible tasks so you don’t have to, handling the many immense undertakings required to make your business thrive.


Ease of Accessibility


To grow your business, you’ll need to cater to residents. Gassen has decades of experience, and we’re capable of helping you prioritize your residents with incredible ease of accessibility. Online rent portals, digital documents and quick-access maintenance forms, today, empower long-term capital improvements. If you want your homeowner’s association to grow, the resident must come first.


Task Management, the Right Way


Today’s real estate markets are highly competitive, and consistent satisfaction relies on the complete adherence to multi-tasking capabilities. The Gassen team can manage your account tasks, handle large transactions and ensure the effectiveness of every encounter. When transactions are simplified, your business can thrive.


In-Depth Assessments and Custom Services


Like every property management group, yours is unique. Gassen’s in-depth assessments ensure reduced operating expenses, reserve fund protection and the maximization of facility effectiveness. Your group’s assessments are due at the first of every month, and assessment statements are always provided as a reminder of due amounts, new approaches and studied possibilities. Gassen is available for continuous assessments, so as to ensure your business’s full effectiveness.


Property Management at Every Level


Here at Gassen, we’ve served clients for decades. Our organized, focused leadership team has incredible experience in the homeowner association management world, and the trust between ourselves and our clients is repeatedly fortified. Powerful HOA management extends far beyond everyday tasks. By undertaking financial records, location-based management requests and emergency calls, Gassen ensures your property management is balanced, consistent and—of course—effective.


Partner with Gassen, and take control of your property’s monitoring. Gassen’s large network of trusted vendors adds additional support, awesome buying power and consistent market outlooks. We exceed in all services, so your property is guaranteed a comprehensive approach to an astounding lifestyle.


Request a quote today, and get the documents you need to further your progress as a local leader. Or, submit a work order. Gassen serves a variety of clients, and we’re always ready to help property management teams and homeowners alike.