While your home owner’s association may be big, it can still benefit from a professional HOA manager. Your business solutions rely on speed, adaptability and modern solutions. Whether you’re a small community or a city-wide resident administration, Gassen can help boost your services.


The Management You Need


Gassen has served property management providers for years. By serving common interest communities, condos, townhomes and cooperatives, our background provides the intensive, flexible approach you need to succeed. Your HOA management needs are here, covering resident amenities, property maintenance and building assistance. As a property provider, it’s your responsibility manage your complex, its residents and any associated townhomes. Strike out the ambiguity, and free yourself to make intuitive decisions.


Widespread Assistance


Gassen utilizes time-tested-and-true strategies to serve your community. All areas are covered, including swimming pools, landscaping, parking garages, clubhouses, sidewalks, fitness rooms and security gates. When every inch of a property is secured, your solutions can thrive.


Regardless of your property team’s coverage, Gassen’s assistance can extend to subdivisions, single family homes and even condos. Neighborhood regulations are always considered, so as to assure high-quality assistance to both your community and its residents.


Local Connections for High Efficiency


When managing a property, you needn’t be burdened by electronic portal maintenance, resident assistance requests and routine fix-ups. Gassen’s entire HOA management service package engages communities from a centralized location in Minnesota. Local exchanges are quick, effective and intuitive. Local businesses are always supported, giving you—the property management team—full control over networking options while evading useless legwork.


Reliable Services, Every Time


The Gassen team is an expansive one. Whether you’re accessing maintenance options, community administration packages or contractor support, Gassen professionals are here to help. Our vetting process has incredible depth, assuring only the most skilled, reliable contractors are available for your assistance. Gassen’s local HOA management services carry huge advantages, ensuring energy efficiency during cold winters, hot summers and everything in between.


Boost Your Correspondence Today


Gassen services needn’t be exclusive to on-property management, either. Your professional team can handle local correspondences, billing options, complaints and feedback. Your committee volunteers are constantly considered, too, making cohesion a Gassen standard.


Contact us today, and take advantage of our vendor management, finance and public relations tools. Our team is ready, and we’re capable of serving a wealth of diverse situations. Request a quote today, and get the documents you need to boost your community’s effectiveness.