Gassen prides itself on providing great customer service, and going to great lengths to ensure the happiness of the residents is one of the things the company is known for. This was highlighted by a recent testimonial that one of our happy clients sent us. In it, the resident notes that they have been a homeowner for "over twenty years" and was surprised by the level of communication and the excellent customer service we provided. They also mentioned that they had previously been dealing with an unresponsive and rude real estate and rental company. Unfortunately, many of our competitors operate this way. We have heard many similar stories about bad experiences from people who were surprised at how well we treated them when they switched to Gassen.


We're there when you need us

The happy homeowner who sent us this testimonial noted the difficulty they faced in contacting the real estate and rental companies that previously managed their HOA: "All those companies have kind of lumped together in my memory, but I certainly remember that most of them did not return calls or address concerns in a timely manner." Many management companies are difficult to get in touch with, until it comes time for them to collect payment. They are easy to reach at this point, because they are pressuring homeowners into paying them as quickly as possible. This is not how we operate. We are always polite and easy to talk to.


Gassen also prides itself on our emergency response times. We know that sometimes things go wrong, and you need us to respond as quickly as possible. We will respond to emergencies in 12 minutes or less, guaranteed. You won't find this guarantee anywhere else. We are experienced in dealing with all sorts of issues through our many years in the business, you can have peace of mind through the knowledge that we will not only respond, but respond effectively.


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If you want to see what this satisfied client is talking about, contact Gassen today for your HOA management needs. You can find contact information and further details about Gassen and its services on our website. Our HOA management professionals are experienced in dealing with any issue you may have. Please do not hesitate to ask us any question or raise any concern you may have. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we are known throughout the Twin Cities area as one of the friendliest management companies around.